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    Complete List of Print Category Winners:

    Category A: Metro-Format Newspaper
    1st: “Northwest Guardian,” Joint Base Lewis-McChord (IMCOM)
    2nd: “Fort Campbell Courier,” Ft. Campbell (IMCOM)
    3rd: “APG News,” Aberdeen Proving Ground (IMCOM)

    Category B: Tabloid-Format Newspaper
    1st: “The Mountainer,” Madigan Army Medical Center (MEDCOM)
    2nd: “Indianhead,” 2nd Infantry Division (Eighth Army)
    3rd: “Prairie Soldier” (Nebraska National Guard)
    Honorable Mention: “Herald Post,” USAG Baden-Wuerttemberg (IMCOM)

    Category C: Magazine-Format Newspaper
    1st: “Warrior Citizen” Headquarters (USARC)
    2nd: “Millrinder,” 21st Theater Sustainment Command (USAREUR)
    3rd: “Freedom Watch,” CJTF-1 PAO (FORSCOM)
    Honorable Mention: “The Cadet” (U.S. Army Cadet Command)

    Category D: Newsletter/Field Newspaper
    1st: “Lightning Strikes,” 196th MPAD (Ohio National Guard)
    2nd: “The Ivy Leaf,” 4th ID (FORSCOM)
    3rd: “Miami Nosotros,” USAG Miami (IMCOM)

    Category E: Web-based Publication
    1st: “FORSCOM Frontline” (FORSCOM)
    2nd: “The Wire,” 197th PAD (Wyoming National Guard)
    3rd: “The Castle Online” (Corps of Engineers)
    Honorable Mention: “First in Support,” 21st TSC PAO (USAREUR)

    Category F: Outstanding Initiative in New Media
    1st: USAG Humphreys (IMCOM)
    2nd: 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) (FORSCOM)
    3rd: Missouri National Guard

    Category G: Command Blog
    1st: "Missouri National Guard Live” (Missouri National Guard)
    2nd: “Task Force Bayonet Blog,” 170th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (USAREUR)
    3rd: “WisGuard Live Blog” (Wisconsin National Guard)

    Category H: Website
    1st: Combined Arms Center (TRADOC)
    2nd: South Carolina National Guard
    3rd: U.S. Army Africa
    3rd: USAG Yongsan (IMCOM)

    Category I: News Article
    1st: SGT Benjamin Watson, “District Governor gives guidance on security to Kandahar villagers,” 50th PAD (FORSCOM)
    2nd: SPC Chasity Johnson, “Special Forces unit assess readiness of potential members,” 139th MPAD (Illinois National Guard)
    3rd: SGT Mike Getten, “Lakotas land in Silver State” (Nevada National Guard)

    1st: Mr. Mike Strasser, “Then and Now” (U.S. Military Academy)
    2nd: Mr. David Chace, “Army Green goes Carolina Blue,” Special Warfare Center and School (USASOC)
    3nd: Mr. Timothy Hale, “Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition” (USARC)
    Honorable Mention: Mr. Paul Steven Ghiringhelli, “10th Mountain Division NCO receives Soldier's Medal,” Ft. Drum (IMCOM)
    Honorable Mention: Mr. Dustin Perry, “PACOM surgeon leads town hall, assures community Japan is safe,” USAG Japan (IMCOM)
    Honorable Mention: Mr. Steve Arel, “USACC teams take aim at Sandhurst title” (Cadet Command)

    Category J: News Feature Article
    1st: SFC Mark Burrell, “High ground gives Soldiers advantage over Taliban,” 354th MPAD (USARC)
    2nd: SGT Suzanne Carter, “Riggers practice parachute packing quality control,” 100th MPAD (Texas National Guard)
    3rd: SSG Ben Navratil, “Three days on the dividing line,” 3rd BCT, 1st ID (FORSCOM)

    1st: Ms. Christie Vanover, “Reset program,” Ft. Hood (IMCOM)
    2nd: Mr. Timothy Hale, “Remembering 9/11” (USARC)
    3rd: Mr. Eric Kowal, “Picatinny spouse shares skills for saving money,” USAG Picatinny Arsenal (IMCOM)
    Honorable Mention: Ms. Patricia Deal, “Silent victims speak out,” Darnall Army Medical Center (MEDCOM)

    Category K: Human Interest Feature Article
    1st: SPC Ryan Hallock, “Reaching their Summit,” 28th PAD (FORSCOM)
    2nd: 1LT Kimberly Snow, “20 Years Later,” Ohio National Guard
    3rd: SSG Ryan Matson, “Pa. doctor repairs Afghan girl's hand,” 372nd MPAD (USARC)

    1st: Mr. J. Paul Bruton, “Life in the Passenger Seat,” Sacramento Recruiting Battalion (USAREC)
    2nd: Mr. Steve Arel, “Deadly tornado can't keep Ringgold program from national drill meet” (Cadet Command)
    3rd: Mr. David San Miguel, “Left Behind,” U.S. Army Contracting Command (AMC)

    Category L: Personality Feature Article
    1st: SSG Ryan Matson, “Wearing two hats,” 372nd MPAD (USARC)
    2nd: SPC Adam Garlington, “How I became a Muslim chaplain” (USAREUR)
    3rd: SGT James Sims, “Voice of a Guardsman,” 139th MPAD (Illinois National Guard)

    1st: Ms. Suzanne Ovel, “Coming back from the edge of losing a battle with cancer,” Madigan Healthcare System (MEDCOM)
    2nd: Ms. Crystal Smith, “World War II veteran,” USAG Weisbaden (IMCOM)
    3rd: Mr. Vince Little, “A long journey,” Ft. Benning (IMCOM)

    Category M: Commentary
    1st: SSG Lindsey Kibler, "He was just a baby," I Corps (FORSCOM)
    2nd: SFC Mark Burrell, “Torn between shooting my camera or my rifle,” 354th MPAD (USARC)
    3rd: SPC Tanangachi Mfuni, “On Veterans Day, Remembering the Sacrifice of those who served,” 7th MPAD (FORSCOM)

    1st: Ms. Caroline Keyser, “Remembering to respect history, not sleep through it,” Ft. Irwin (IMCOM)
    2nd: Mr. Mike Howard, “Straight Talk-Reporting from the Trenches” (U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command)
    3rd: Mr. Eric Bartelt, “9/11 was about loss, but now it’s about remembering” (U.S. Military Academy)

    Category N: Sports Article
    1st: SGT Nathan Booth, “Air assault troop shows spirit in 2011 combatives,” 4th PAD (FORSCOM)
    2nd: SSG David M. Baez, “108th Drill Sergeant, Armed & Ready,” 108th Training Command (USARC)
    3rd: SGT Tyler Lasure, “From Baghdad to Boston” 112th MPAD (Wisconsin National Guard)
    Honorable Mention: SFC Manuel Torres-Cortes, “ARNORTH Soldiers join runners for Army 10-Miler” (ARNORTH)
    Honorable Mention: CPT Stephen Martin, “Kentucky Guardsman ‘Ironman’” (Kentucky National Guard)

    1st: Ms. Gloria Montgomery, “Wounded Warriors cast lines upon the water,” Ft. Hood Warrior Transition Brigade (MEDCOM)
    2nd: Mr. Kevin Wingert, “Offensive Hold?” Omaha District (Corps of Engineers)
    3rd: Mr. Mark Rickert, “Home Run,” Baltimore Recruiting Battalion (USAREC)
    Honorable Mention: Ms. Kari Hawkins, “Soldier runs in memory of battle buddy” (AMC)

    Category O: Story Series
    1st: SSG Amy Wieser Wilson, “Profiles in Guard History” (North Dakota National Guard)
    2nd: SFC Benjamin Cossel, “A Day in the Life,” 197th PAD (Wyoming National Guard)
    3rd: “14th Annual Randy Oler Memorial Operation Toy Drop,” USACAPOC (USARC)

    1st: Mr. David Chace, “What’s so civil about war, anyway?” SWCS (USASOC)
    2nd: Ms. Kimberly Fritz, “School Bullying,” Ft. Lee (IMCOM)
    3rd: Mr. Steve Arel, “Project Pass” (Cadet Command)

    Category P: Photojournalism
    1st: SGT Benjamin Watson, “District Governor confronts challenges of remote life,” 50th PAD (FORSCOM)
    2nd: SFC Mark Burrell, “ISAF, ANSF continue operations in Pech Valley,” 354th MPAD (USARC)
    3rd: SGT Ruth Pagan, “OP-160 best view in Afghanistan,” 2nd BCT, 4th ID (FORSCOM)
    Honorable Mention: SSG Christopher Klutts, “Avengers Run Supplies,” 170th IBCT (USAREUR)

    1st: Mr. Timothy Hale, “Best Warrior Dispatches,” USARC
    2nd: Ms. Jennifer Fell, “209th MP Co strikes competition to win Viper Stakes,” Ft. Polk (IMCOM)
    3rd: Mr. John Wayne Liston, “Riding High in the Saddle,” Cadet Command
    Honorable Mention: Ms. Melissa Buckley, “Best Sapper 2011,” Ft. Leonard Wood (IMCOM)

    Category Q: Photograph
    1st: SSG Adam Stone, “Vets in Surgery - South Africa,” 807th MDSC (USARC)
    2nd: SPC Marcus Fichtl, “Polo showcases military influence on community,” 8th TSC (USARPAC)
    3rd: MSG Peter Towse, “Guard Times Magazine,” New York National Guard

    1st: Mr. Steve Arel, “National Raider Challenge Championship” (Cadet Command)
    2nd: Mr. T. Anthony Bell, “Stair-Borne,” Ft. Lee (IMCOM)
    3rd: Mr. Stephen Baack, “Amigo Airsho lands at Briggs,” Ft. Bliss (IMCOM)
    Honorable Mention: Mr. Stephen Grzezdzinski, “Painting CROWS,” Tobyhanna Army Depot (AMC)

    Category R: Picture Page
    1st: "Best Warrior Competition: The Long Hard Road” (USARC)
    2nd: “Orion Completes Home Station Training Phase,” New York National Guard
    3rd: “Third ID, Families remember their Fallen,” Ft. Stewart (IMCOM)
    Honorable Mention: Ms. Marcie Wright, “Team Bliss Track Club qualifies for Junior Olympics,” Ft. Bliss (IMCOM)

    Category S: Deployed Photo
    1st: SSG Gary Witte, “Up-hill Battle,” 300th MPAD (USARC)
    2nd: SFC Mark Burrell, “Frozen Mortar,” 354th MPAD (USARC)
    3rd: SSG Christopher Klutts, “Hold the Line,” 170th IBCT (USAREUR)

    Category T: Contribution by Stringer (Writing)
    1st: SSG William Sallette, “Soldiers learn how to be cool,” Ft. Sill (IMCOM)
    2nd: Ms. Tanya Fogg Young, “Battle buddies for life,” USAG Stuttgart (IMCOM)
    3rd: Ms. Caroline Goins, “Is there a medic in the house?” SWCS (USASOC)
    Honorable Mention: Mr. Thomas Gounley, “Showing up for training, in lime green boots” (Cadet Command)

    Category U: Contribution by Stringer (Photojournalism)
    1st: SSG Amanda Smolinski, “Family Programs delivers support to military families,” USACAPOC (USARC)
    2nd: Mr. Joseph Mancy, “Soldier Show highlights Army talent, teamwork,” USAG Stuttgart (IMCOM)
    3rd: SSG Felix Fimbres, “USACAPOC(A) Storms Normandy, remembers the fallen of D-day” USACAPOC (USARC)

    Category V: James P. Hunter Award for Outstanding New Writer
    1st: SPC Ken Scar, 7th MPAD (FORSCOM)

    Category W: Paul D. Savanuck Military Journalist of the Yearr
    1st: SSG Lindsey Kibler, I Corps PAO (FORSCOM)

    Category X: Moss-Holland Civilian Journalist of the Year
    1st: Mr. Bob Reinhert, USAG Natick (IMCOM)

    Select a Category:
    A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X