The U.S. Army Transition Strategic Outreach (TSO)

The U.S. Army Transition Strategic Outreach (TSO) office is the primary conduit for employers, and industry, to access the “Army Talent Pipeline.” Our staff of strategically-focused professionals serves as the Army’s preferred point-of-contact for Businesses and Hiring Managers – thereby facilitating the connection between transitioning Soldiers and potential job opportunities. We help Employers “navigate” the Army’s reintegration network by developing lasting Industry relationships. This targeted effort then builds the foundation for numerous long-term, value-added synergies between the businesses community and the Army.

A key facilitative tool, and a tremendous resource for Employers, is “Hero 2 Hired” ( web site provides hiring managers with direct access to qualified candidates who already have background checks and security clearances. Proven analysis has shown that Employers initially struggle to match job requirements, and industry standards, with Army MOS skills and training equivalents. Similarly, many Veterans do not understand civilian job-skill terminology and titles. H2H has developed a unique military-to- civilian skill-translation technology that matches the talents of Soldiers to civilian jobs. The result is a fast, accurate match to jobs. Employers interested in promoting their company and posting job opportunities for transitioning Soldiers are encouraged to click on

Army Talent Pipeline - U.S. Army Transition Strategic Outreach (TSO).