1st Sgt. Thomas Ware

First Sergeant Thomas Ware of the Confederate Soldier, 15th Georgia Infantry

no photograph of Thomas Ware exists, above is a page from his diary

Hometown: Lincolnton, GA

Age: 25

Category: Confereate Soldier, 15th Georgia Infantry

Status: killed

Before Gettysburg: Private Thomas Ware enlisted in the Confederate Army on July 14, 1861, during the patriotic wave sweeping both North and South. He was promoted from private to second sergeant and then to first sergeant in April 1863. Prior to Gettysburg, he participated in seven battles, including: Garnett’s Farm, Malvern Hill, Sharpsburg, Second Manassas, and Fredericksburg.

He kept a detailed war diary before Gettysburg.

July 1,1863: Marching from Cashtown (west of Gettysburg) towards Gettysburg.

July 2,1863: Ware’s unit arrived in time for Devil’s Den fighting, where he was shot and killed.

July 3,1863:

After Gettysburg: Thomas Ware’s younger brother Robert scribbled his brother’s last journal entry while on the battlefield as Thomas lay wounded and dying:

Here at the foot of the mountain the engagement became general and fierce and lasted until 8 o’clock at night. And in the third and last charge the fatal blow was struck.

My brother: You have offered your life as a sacrifice upon your country’s altar.

Today concludes the term of life of my brother. He now sleeps upon the battlefield of Gettysburg with other brothers and fathers, small and great; partaking the same repose. There in peace,the ashes mix, of those who were once foes.

- Robert Ware