2nd Lt. Edward Abbott

Second Lieutenant Edward Abbott of the Union Soldier, 17th Maine Infantry

2nd Lt. Edward Abbott of the Union Soldier, 17th Maine Infantry

Hometown: Beverly, MA

Age: 21

Category: Union Soldier, 17th Maine Infantry

Status: killed

Before Gettysburg: An aspiring writer, Abbot attended some of the finer Northern schools, including Harvard and Norwich. However, he also had a strong sense of duty, feeling compelled to offer his life to “fight for justice on earth.” He enlisted in the 17th U.S. Infantry in Portland, Maine, on July 1, 1862.

July 1, 1863:

July 2, 1863: On the evening of July 2, Second Lieutenant Abbott and fellow Soldiers of the 17th descended the heights of Little Round Top, through the “Valley of Death.” Within 15 minutes, Abbott and another 150 soldiers of the 260-man unit were killed. Abbott was struck by a minie ball, which cut through his lung and remained lodged near his spine. He was taken to a nearby field hospital in a farm where he eventually died on July 8 from the wound.

July 3, 1863: Abbott remained in the field hospital until July 8, when he died.

After Gettysburg: