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Uniform Funding and Management (UFM)


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Uniform Funding & Management

UFM is the merging of appropriated funds (APF) and nonappropriated funds (NAF) for the purpose of providing MWR support services under a single set of rules and procedures in order to:
  • Facilitate the procurement of property and services for MWR
  • The Management of employees used to carry out the programs

UFM is the application of this concept on an Army-wide scale.


UFM Army Guidance, October 2006
UFM Workbook
Tips for Preparing for UFM
UFM Information Package
UFM Information for IMA Resource Managers

Questions and Answers:

Sample Regional UFM Budget Summaries

Operating Guidance

Installation Management Employee Tracking System (IMETS) UFM Information

UFM Feedback Magazine Articles:

HR Information and Reference:

If you have questions or need information, please email armyUFM@conus.army.mil

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