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Article: New Facility Opens!

Fort Jackson, SC: “SGT Suds” Car Wash held its grand opening on 2 March 2005. The official ribbon cutting ceremony was officiated by BG Turner, Commanding General Fort Jackson; Co-Owners LTC (Ret) Monte & Mary Alice Veal and BG (Ret) Mitchiner; as well as members of the MWR team who helped bring this partnership to life. The facility offers five wand bays and one automatic bay for Fort Jackson patrons. This marks the eighth Public-Private Venture (PPV) to open on an Army installation via the PPV program headed by the U. S. Army Community and Family Support Center’s Construction Directorate. To date, the PPV program has saved the Army $34.4M in capital construction costs with over $900K having been infused back to various MWR programs throughout the eight Army installations partnering with the private sector.

Article: PPV Program Breaks Ground

If you have considered pursuing a PPV facility of any type, now would be the time to initiate a request. We've made some great changes to our program reducing the number of steps further eliminating some duplicate actions that remained after the changes in 2002. We are now down to approximately 40 weeks for approval from step 2 (Project Approvals) to Step 4 (Award Contract & Execute Lease). Our first project under the new process, Fort Gordon’s 24 hour family restaurant, took 47 weeks from Step 2 to Step 4 to award. This is due largely to the tenaciousness of the Garrison commander and staff who dedicated their time and resources to help get the ROA completed in the early stages and reviewing and approving the development agreement in step 3. We were also aided in the fact the construction cost for the project fell under the $500K threshold for reporting to Congress and getting their approval. This has since been raised to $750K and can be approved for award by OASA (M&RA).

The improvements don’t stop there. We have also received approval to request 'in-kind' consideration for the services that the developers provide in lieu of the Fair Market Value (FMV) rental payment they'd pay for the lease of the land. This can be a substantial savings which we hope will make developers interested in pursuing partnerships with the Army and either improving profit margin, or reducing prices to MWR patrons.

Another change is that now we will accept E-mails of Intent vice the traditional formal letters of intent. This marks a faster request process as Garrison Commanders can send the request to the Region MWR leaders and into FMWRC. The E-mail should address (1) the type of facility or facilities the installation is requesting, (2) the range of services provided for each of these facilities, and (3) a project POC. For a sample of the intent email, you can review the PPV Development Guide which is available for download under the "Hot Topics" section.

On our webpage you can see some of the projects we are working on now. Of interest lately are Pet Kennels and Grooming centers which in many places will be located near Army lodging facilities to help those facilities get rid of their Pet Rooms for travelers. Also Recreational Lodging is becoming a popular option around the lakes and camping areas (as long as they are truly recreational lodging and not to be used as TDY travel). Others are seeking Travel Camps, Water Parks, and Self Storage facilities to round out the services at the installation.

If you have questions, please contact us at (703) 681-7286 or DSN 761-7286

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