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Frequently Asked Questions



Q. I have a group and we have performed in the past at local events, including some at Army Installations.  I am inquiring if there is an easier way to get bookings accross the country than calling each one individually.

A. The Family and MWR Command does not book touring acts either in the United States or overseas.  Suggest you talk to either USO or Armed Forces Entertainment

Q. Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to join the U.S. Army.  Can you help?

A. Use the Army Recruitment Website - GoArmy.com.  Thanks you for considering serving in the U.S. Army.

Q. I am writing to you from West Warwick, R.I.  I'm a former active duty soldier with the U.S. Army and I'm trying to find a friend of mine.  Can you help me?

A. The mission of FMWRC does not include finding soldiers or civilians.  This could be a risk to both their security and privacy.   U.S. Army Human Resources Command (HRC) may be able to help you.

Q. Where can I contact the "Space Available" or Space A program?

A. There is no central telephone directory for Space A availabilities. Space A is performed on an as needed and as available basis only, at the local operations center on the local military installation.

Q. Can I purchase an advertisement on www.armyMWR.org?

A. ArmyMWR.org is an official website, and therefore may not contain advertising and commercial sponsorships. You may be able to purchase advertising on our patron website www.ArmyMWR.com.  Visit the Commercial Sponsorship webpages for information on all Army sponsorship possibilities.


Q. Who can take advantage of the many opportunities and programs MWR has to offer?

A. MWR programs are open to Authorized Patrons only.  MWR programs are established primarily for active duty (AD) military personnel.  AD personnel receive first priority for participation or use if space is limited.  Ready and Selected Reserve members have the same priority as AD military personnel with regard to category C MWR activites only. Gray area retirees (retired reservists under age 60) have the same priority as regular Army retirees for use of category C MWR activities only.

Neither the Ready, Selected, or Retired Reserve without pay have first priority for categories A and B MWR activities.

Eligible family members may participate in MWR activities whether or not accompanied by the sponsor. Family members and guests
of first priority patrons assume the same priority. All others have equal access after first priority patrons, on a first come basis, unless
determined otherwise by the local commander.

Guests must be accompanied by authorized patrons and may participate in MWR activities, purchase items incidental to participation,
and consume food and beverages while on the premises.  Otherwise, guests are not authorized resale purchases.  Installation commanders (or delegatees) will approve local rules governing the number of guests and the frequency of use at specific facilities.

Q. Do service connected disabled veterans who possess a disabled veteran's VA ID card have any MWR bennefits, exchange or commisary privillages? I ask because my uncle is a disabled veteran and he wanted to know what bennefits he had.

A. Only veterans with a 100% service-connected disability and an honorable discharge are eligible patrons of MWR and the post exchange on a military installation.  In most situations, the authorized patron may be accompanied by a guest.  On eligibility for commissary privileges, it is best to contact the nearest military installation commissary manager to determine the proper procedures and governing requirements.

Q. If I am retired and eligible, what do I do?

A. In accordance with DoD Instruction 1015.10, retired DoD civilians are authorized patronage of MWR programs and facilities at the discretion of the installation commander based on adequacy of facilities and space availability. It would be prudent for you to call ahead to the facility you want to use and inquire as to their specific patronage policy and, if authorized, what kind of identification you should present to authenticate your status as a retired DoD civilian employee.

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