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Baseline Standards


Baseline Standards Assessment (BSA) for MWR/Family Programs

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The Oct 99 MWR Board of Directors (BOD) approved baseline standards for Fitness and Sports, Army Family Action Plan conferences, Child and Youth Services, Army Community Service, Recreation, and Libraries. The BOD directed that installations conduct annual assessments against these standards.

These standards establish minimum levels of resource requirements in support of MWR/Family programs (usually focusing on staffing, training, availability, and equipment). Assessment data provides a basis for building future years’ funding requirements in support of Army MWR programs.

Fiscal Year Assessments:

Annual assessments commenced in FY99. A “shortfall” summary of the last five years is at Figure 1.

The “shortage” is the amount of resources required to improve garrison program elements (less facility requirements) rated red (C4) or amber (C3) to a green (C1/C2) status. The shortage is additive to the amount actually executed in support of MWR/Family programs in each FY.

Continuing resource shortages indicate pressure on installations to use NAF to meet government obligations (appropriated funds) to provide standard levels of program support to Soldiers and their families.

The FY06 assessment identified a $148.6M requirement to improve red (C4) and amber (C3) program elements to meet green standards (C1/C2). This shortage was a 33 percent decrease from FY05’s shortage of $222.3M and additive to $586M executed by the field (Figure 2).

Qualitative data from the FY06 assessment was provided to OACSIM for “toploading” into the 2007 Installation Status Report (Services) on behalf of garrisons.



Future Developments:

The USACFSC will continue to crosswalk assessments to future years’ defense programs to identify requirements to support baseline standards, reconcile requirements to MACOM presentations, determine incremental funding needed to meet shortfalls, and prepare justifications for needed funding.

BSA Documents:

POC: CFSC Planning Division / DSN 761-7424 / Cmcl 703-681-7424

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