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Information National Museum of the United States Army Activation Ceremony

On 30 September 2003, the U.S. Army formally activated the organization that will oversee development of the National Museum of the United States Army. The ceremony was conducted on Fort Belvoir, Virginia, future home to the Museum. Featured speakers included: Gen. John Keane, the Army Vice Chief of Staff; U.S. Rep Jim Moran of the 8th Congressional District of Virginia; Supervisor Gerry Hyland of the Mount Vernon District, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors; Mr. Judson (Jeb) Bennett, the Director of the National Museum of the United States Army; and Col. T.W. Williams, the commander of Fort Belvoir.

The National Museum of the United States Army will be a permanent historical and educational institution and a world-class national military museum. Housed in exceptional venues and possessing an extensive collection of artifacts, archives, and art, the Museum will build bridges between the Army and the citizens it serves and will acknowledge the service and sacrifices of America's soldiers. In presenting the Army's story of selfless service and countless contributions to building and protecting the Nation, it will utilize the most modern technology, display techniques, and interactive methods. Through its education and public outreach efforts, the Museum will serve and support the Nation, the Army's installations and its Soldiers, and forge relationships with the community, veterans, other museums, supporting organizations and government bodies at all levels.

In 1981, Fort Belvoir was selected as the most appropriate site best fitting the Army's overall selection criteria, which included public access, educational impact, accessibility for national leaders, commercial access, logistics and maintenance support, the facilitation of public law with respect to invaluable artifacts, and appropriate site physical characteristics. The Museum is scheduled to open its doors in June 2009, in celebration of the United States Army's 234th Birthday.

For more information on the National Museum of the United States Army, go to /nmusa.

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