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2006 Army Modernization Plan

Call to Duty - The American Soldier in Service of our Nation for 230 Years

The annual Army Modernization Plan provides a report on the Army's efforts to support our Soldiers and maintain current readiness, while developing and fielding improved capabilities for tomorrow. The 2006 Army Modernization Plan updates this course to include the urgent demands of today's missions and opportunities for applying significant
technological improvements. It describes the flexible modernization and investment strategies that place a priority on providing the best capabilities to the Army today, while also supporting a sustained transformation process.

During the sustained and widespread commitment of the past year, the Army has successfully progressed in its greatest transformation and restructuring since World War II. The concept of the Army's modular conversion was first announced in early 2004, and since then major structural change has taken place and continues, with the end result being a force that is more powerful, flexible and deployable to meet operational requirements. This fundamental restructuring affects the entire force and represents enduring change that will make the Army more ready than ever to sustain today's commitments and be postured for tomorrow's uncertainties. The Army's modular force is already in the field performing critical missions, and it will be the foundation for a future force that continually evolves in the coming years to apply technological advances and incorporate lessons learned.

Modernization Plan Files (All are PDF documents):

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• Letter and Table of Contents - 352 KB

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• Main - 2.5 MB

• Annex F - 632 KB
• Annex A - 184 KB • Acronyms - 136 KB

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