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2005 Army Modernization Plan

Call to Duty - The American Soldier in Service of our Nation for 230 Years

The 2005 Army Modernization Plan describes how Army efforts are supporting transformation by retaining the best of current capabilities and developing new and improved ones using a comprehensive and balanced approach.  This document describes the modernization and investment strategies adopted to enhance the effectiveness of the Current Force while pursuing critical capabilities for the Future Force.
Being ready to meet today's security requirements is the Army's highest priority and one that cannot and will not be compromised.  Concurrent with this imperative, the Army has embarked on a dynamic process of transformation, building on the lessons learned today and adapting for future needs.  The requirements for prosecuting war today and securing readiness tomorrow are formidable and costly, but the Army remains determined to do what is necessary to fulfill its responsibilities to the nation.

Modernization Plan Files (All are PDF documents):

• Front Cover - 332 KB

• Annex D - 5.2 MB

• Letter and Table of Contents - 416 KB

• Annex E - 852 KB

• Main - 2.7 MB

• Annex F - 264 KB
• Annex A - 164 KB • Acronyms - 124 KB

• Annex B - 1.5 MB


• Annex C - 716 KB

• Full Document - 13 MB

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