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2004 Army Modernization Plan

Our Army at War—Relevant and Ready

The U.S. Army, a vital member of the Armed Forces joint team, remains fully engaged in an ongoing global war against terrorism and the enemies that confront our nation. Over 325,000 Soldiers from our Army are currently deployed in 120 countries, with approximately 125,000 Soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait alone. A significant portion of that force comes from our Reserve Component—Army National Guard and Army Reserve. They are an indispensable part of the Army team and comprise over 50 percent of the total Army. Our primary focus in this war is on supporting the magnificent Soldiers that make up this force. The effective training and equipping of these Soldiers are indispensable to the success of today’s Army—our Current Force—and represent an enduring and unalterable commitment. This commitment is clearly affected by the Army’s significant participation in the ongoing war and the increased operational tempo, and there is a resulting major impact on our equipment, prepositioned stocks and ammunition inventories. The Army faces serious challenges that will require continued and additional resourcing in order to maintain the proper level of support to our Soldiers and ensure uninterrupted readiness.

Along with maintaining today’s readiness, the Army also is investing in tomorrow’s readiness by pursuing a comprehensive process to transform our capabilities and continually evolve into a Future Force that preserves its relevance and improves its ability to accomplish all missions. The capabilities of today’s Army, however, must be the instrument for fighting and winning the global war on terrorism. We are incorporating now, to the maximum extent possible, maturing technologies from our investments in future capabilities. In effect, we are conducting an “in-stride” transformation that supports our Army at war today, while simultaneously developing improved capabilities for the future. As an integral part of this ongoing process, we have recently initiated a major initiative to restructure the Army into more modular formations, which will allow us to provide increased force density and capabilities essential for the immediate future as well as the foundation for the longer-term force. This restructuring initiative is well underway to produce an additional ten brigades in its initial phase.

The 2004 Army Modernization Plan describes the Army’s modernization and investment strategies, which are the specific means of implementing the Army’s plans for both maintaining and improving the Current Force while developing and fielding a Future Force with increased capabilities. The ultimate purpose is building, fielding, and maintaining combat-capable units that will deliver sustained land power across the full range of possible missions for use by our Combatant Commanders. This Modernization Plan also includes a discussion in its annexes of how the Army is adapting to this challenge across the breadth of its doctrine, organizations, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel and facilities.

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