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The 2002 Army Modernization Plan
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In response to the attacks on 11 September 2001, the United States is presently at war using an impressive array of joint military forces and civilian agencies to combat terrorism at home and abroad. Army forces—ranging from Special Operation Forces (Rangers, Special Forces, Special Operations Aviation, Psychological Operations, and Civil Affairs units) to conventional forces (10th Mountain and 101st Airborne Divisions) deployed overseas in Operation Enduring Freedom, and Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve units at home and abroad—are fully participating in this ongoing war against terrorism.

The Modernization Plan describes the Army’s Modernization and Investment Strategies, which are being used to fulfill the Army Vision, meet the strategic challenges of today and prepare for the demands of the future. Its purpose is to effectively and efficiently support Army Transformation in order to deliver future readiness at every point on the spectrum of operations. Balanced modernization continues as the overall strategy for weighing current imperatives while transforming to an even better and more relevant force. Only selected modernization and recapitalization investments are being made in the current force in order to free up valuable resources needed to support the Army’s Transformation process. While today’s Army remains the best in the world and is ready to accept all missions required by the Nation, it is critical to invest wisely in the forces needed for tomorrow’s missions.

2002 Army Modernization Plan
Cover - Army Modernization Plan 2002 Annex A: Materiel - Dominant Maneuver
Letter of Transmittal by Lieutenant General Benjamin Griffin, the Army G8 Annex A: Materiel - Full Dimensional Protection
Annex A: Materiel - Precision Engagement
Table of Contents Annex A: Materiel - Focused Logistics
Executive Summary Annex A: Materiel - Information Superiority
2002 Army Modernization Plan Annex B: Doctrine
Introduction to Annexes Annex C: Training and Leader Development
Annex D: Installations
Glossary Annex E: Personnel
Annex F: Force Structure
Annex G: Space
*All htmuments are in .pdf form Annex H: Homeland Security