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White Paper Focuses Logistics Transformation

As the rest of the Army transforms to remain relevant and ready, so must its logistics community for the same reasons, according to the Army’s top logistics planner.
The Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4, released in late December an Army Logistics White Paper, “Delivering Materiel Readiness to the Army,” describing logistics shortfalls and near-term priorities.
“It’s our strategic vision,” said Lt. Gen. Claude V. (Chris) Christianson, Army G-4. “The paper’s intent is to provide clear guidance where we want to take Army logistics in the next two years. It is tied directly to what we have experienced in the past few years.”
And it is also tied directly to the logistics failures and success Christianson observed while serving as the principal Operation Iraqi Freedom logistics operator, the C-4/J-4 for the Coalition Forces Land Component Command, August 2002 through July 2003.
The paper addresses four focus areas that are the G-4’s top priorities: connecting Army logisticians; modernizing theater distribution; improving force reception; and integrating the supply chain. MORE

Read the full White Paper: .doc (text only) | .pdf (text with images)


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