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Army Campaign Plan




1 November 2004


SUBJECT: Fiscal Year 2005 Game Plan

We have embarked on our most profound transformation since World War II - and are making tremendous progress. The authoritative direction for this change is communicated in the Army Campaign Plan. The attached paper reinforces this plan by articulating a set of distinct leader objectives - and corresponding priorities - to support the continued successful execution of the Campaign Plan.

This paper provides a common perspective of our operating environment, in terms of uncertainties, challenges, and opportunities; reaffirms our overarching strategic goal and our broad strategic direction; reinforces the strategic intent established during this past year and reflected in our Strategic Planning Guidance and Campaign Plan; and establishes priorities for leaders intended to focus and unify our collective efforts to achieve this intent.

In describing context, challenges, and priorities - which are neither prescriptive nor all inclusive - this paper is intended to stimulate your thinking, while encouraging initiative and creativity, in acting strategically to deal with the challenges we face. A principal objective of this paper is to reemphasize the role that leaders play to lead change - to add impetus to our ongoing efforts to change our culture to reflect the realities of our new operating context.

The paper is provided in electronic format to facilitate distribution and use in your leader development and education programs. A summary briefing, as well as a short analysis, is provided to demonstrate how it complements other key documents. We look forward to learning about your efforts to address these challenges in our visits and conferences.

Peter J. Schoomaker
General, United States Army
Chief of Staff
R. L. Brownlee
Acting Secretary of the Army

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