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On this third anniversary of the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, we pause to remember and honor our fellow citizens who perished that day, their lives savagely taken by ruthless terrorists. Much has changed in the three years since our country was attacked. But what remains constant is our commitment to liberty, our love of our country, and our belief in the Army Values.

Today we are at war, and the danger to our homeland is real. Our enemies are seeking to obtain Weapons of Mass Destruction and the means to deliver them; their actions to date have made clear their willingness to kill indiscriminately and their intentions to rule by fear and intimidation. Our Soldiers, joined by our Sister Services and Allies, are fighting every day to protect our way of life against those who would destroy all we hold dear.

Service to our Nation is both an honor and a responsibility, one that requires self-sacrifice. You serve in difficult conditions in far-away places, so that other Americans may sleep soundly. You bring security where there was chaos, hope where there was despair. Together you comprise the best and most experienced fighting force in the world. As you live the Warrior Ethos, you embody the best of the American spirit.

We are proud of each of you. We are proud of your accomplishments over the last three years in liberating 46 million people from tyranny and oppression. Your success has come at a high cost, and we mourn the loss of our fallen comrades in arms. But they have not died in vain. We know America is worth fighting for, and each day we are further weakening the terrorists’ ability to harm our cause.

Our hearts and prayers are with our Army families as they share in the heavy burden of protecting freedom. We offer our sincere thanks to all of our Soldiers and your loved ones for your sacrifices in our Nation’s time of need.

Peter J. Schoomaker
General, United States Army
Chief of Staff
R. L. Brownlee
Acting Secretary of the Army

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