Widget Compendium

Dictionary of widgets that provides information on the functionality and features available and how they can enhance your organization's page.

Adding Widgets to your Page

Widgets can be added to your org page by contacting army.outreach@us.army.mil.

Slideshow Widget

Images not to full size.

Photo slideshow widget


Photo slideshow widget with captions showing

About Slideshow Widget

The Slideshow widget offers your organization the ability to showcase content to really engage with your audience. Its enables you to display a series of images in a carousel view with user friendly left and right navigation buttons and a captioning view that is visible at the users discretion. It's easy to load and control content that is featured on the slideshow widget, you can select from thousands of articles and images loaded in CORE or harvest third party images simply by providing a URL. Just remember to size it appropriately so that the image is consistent with the dimensions required.

See in action! Visit www.army.mil/comrel for the full interactive experience.