Widget Compendium

Dictionary of widgets that provides information on the functionality and features available and how they can enhance your organization's page.

Adding Widgets to your Page

Widgets can be added to your org page by contacting army.outreach@us.army.mil.

Leader Box Widget

Army Leaders box widget

About Leader Box Widget

The Leader Box widget is a great way to profile your Commanding Offer. This widget enables you to post a portrait of a senior leader, along with a brief passage, which could be their background or biography. Some organizations also include a leader quote provided directly by their Commanding Offer, these are some options you have with this widget. You can also use the Mission Box widget which offers a direct method of communicating the mission, plan, or operating guidelines as provided by your leadership.

Want to see an example of how this widget is used on Army.mil? Visit the Army Material Command's (AMC) Homepage