WWW.ARMY.MIL is the Official Homepage of the United States Army. Below illustrates how all of the components of this Branding Toolkit come together to create a cohesive look and feel for the U.S Army's Homepage.

Design Tip

When hovering over an active link, the text should turn to a specific shade of green: HEX #7B8738.

  1. 1 My.Army.Mil Login

    Login to your customized My.Army.Mil account

  2. 2 Army Hot Topics

    Army-wide hot topics

  3. 3 Featured News and Headlines

    Key stories of the day

  4. 4 Army Media Player

    U.S. Army video player

  5. 5 Army Spotlight

    Featured sections of Army.mil

  6. 6 Social Media

    Featured social media of the U.S. Army

  7. 7 STAND-TO!

    Daily focus topic of the U.S. Army

  8. 8 All Services

    Widget that displays top news from all wings of the Department of Defense

Army.mil home page

News Article

The News Article page features many elements, such as story highlights, related links, related articles, photos, videos, and even audio clips. Readers have the option of sharing stories on various websites by clicking the share button.

Design Tip

When uploading story images, be sure to upload the highest resolution possible for the best quality.

  1. 1 Story Highlights

    Bullet points of story highlights

  2. 2 Story Images

    Prominent images with the ability to scroll inside the story

  3. 3 Related Links

    links that may relate to the current article

  4. 4 Social Media

    The ability to share stories easily with social networking sites

Army.mil News Article