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Media wants to hear from public affairs officers! If you have a good image or video (coming soon to CORE) that is cleared for public release, please submit it via CORE. When in doubt, high-quality media is always preferred over compressed media because has the ability to present both images and video in high-resolution to our global audience. Please be sure to always include relevant metadata for title, description, and author when submitting content.

  1. 1 Photos

    • High-resolution .jpeg or .jpg preferred
    • Must include embedded metadata attribution for title, author and description.
    • Un-cropped originals preferred.
  2. 2 Videos

    • Format should be MPEG-4 (.mp4) encoded with H.264, at 640x480 resolution, up to 1500 bitrate.
    • Must include metadata attribution for title, author and description.
    • Should include relevant URLs with submission. - Ex: on a MEDCOM video.
    • Closed Captioning - Corresponding caption files should be in standard (.srt) format.
    • Cut off any slates at the beginning and/or end if possible.
  3. 3 Articles

    • Must be approved for release or must be from a government entity (Public).
    • See Style Section.
  4. 4 Audio

    • MPEG-4 (.mp4) is preferred, made up of the audio and a logo as a video still.
    • Alternatively, provide an MPEG-3 (.mp3) of the audio and a high-resolution logo (at least 640x480px at 72 px/in)
    • Include attributions for title, author and a brief description
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