Non-Aerial Requests

A rock band performs in front of a crowd on Veterans' Day for veterans from wars past and present. It's not the hottest rock band on the Top 40 countdown — it's The Volunteers of The U.S. Army Field Band turning out the latest hits.

Whether it's a band, color guard, drill team, guest speaker, or vehicle display, Army personnel and vehicles always turn heads at parades, military appreciation days, and other ceremonies across the country. Citizens and community organizations can request a military band, color guard, exhibits or guest speakers, to support their local events. Recently, the Maryland Army National Guard and The Volunteers of The U.S. Army Field Band supported ‘Army Night with the Bowie Baysox.’

To request your local support, complete a DD Form 2536 Request for Armed Forces Participation in Public Events form and indicate the type(s) of support you are requesting. This form should be submitted through the local military service's Army Public Affairs Office not less than 30 days nor more than 90 days prior of the scheduled program.

NOTE: The instructions on the reverse of the form are incorrect. Do not send your request to the Pentagon.

Once you have submitted your form to the appropriate office, you may begin coordinating with that office to determine their scheduling availability for your event. Please remember that real world contingencies and limited resources may diminish a unit's ability to support your request. Also, a request must require no additional cost to the government.

If you wish to request a musical unit, you may only request one per event. These types of requests typically are designed to support recruiting activities as well. To learn more about Army Bands, visit their Web site.