U.S. Army Community Relations

Our Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard can be found in all 50 states, so no matter where you are, the Army is there to support you. Our coast-to-coast network of dedicated Soldiers and Public Affairs Officers provide assistance through three regional offices located in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. These locations, along with our Pentagon office, work hard to answer your questions and support your events and community.

OCPA - Washington D.C.

Located in the Pentagon, the Community Relations Division coordinates Army community outreach nationwide by connecting Army Senior Leaders with communities and developing relationships with organizations, businesses, sports teams and individuals who support Soldiers, Families and Veterans. The Community Relations Division also conducts outreach to military and veterans' service organizations and tells the Army story through a variety of events that include Army Birthday, Veterans' Day and Memorial Day.


OCPA - New York

Located in New York City, Army Public Affairs Northeast develops public support for the Army and its Soldiers through community outreach, media engagements and support to veterans and military support organizations from Maine to Maryland. The office coordinates Army participation at events including: Army Senior Leader engagements, color guards, bands, ceremonial units, aerial demonstration teams, flyovers, static displays of Army equipment, and Soldier and Family recognition. Army Public Affairs Northeast pitches Army story ideas to national-level and local based media, places Army leaders and subject matter experts in appropriate media settings, provides media advisories and responses to query and assists with media requests to cover Army units in its area of operations (active, Guard, Reserve, USMA and ROTC). We are the approval authority for authors requesting Army assistance with book projects, and we coordinate requests for support for community events with Army installations and units worldwide.

(212) 784-0111 /0112 /0113

OCPA - Chicago

Located in downtown Chicago, Army Public Affairs Midwest develops public support for the Army and its Soldiers through community outreach, media engagements and support to veterans and military support organizations across the 16-state Midwest region that includes Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee and Wisconsin. The OCPA-Midwest regional office connects citizens with their Army by serving as the principal Army public affairs liaison for professional sports franchises, media, communities of interest and veterans service organizations. We accomplish this by promoting the U.S. Army and regionally informing the American public about Army programs, projects, information, initiatives though outreach efforts involving veterans, civic, military-affiliated organizations and special events coordinating Army speakers when requested and coordinating Soldiers to be honored by organizations, civic leaders and communities.

Check out the outstanding Soldiers of the Midwest at: http://www.facebook.com/USArmyPublicAffairsMidwest


OCPA - Los Angeles

Located in Los Angeles, Army Public Affairs West, also known as Army Entertainment Office, is the entertainment industry's direct liaison to the United States Army by assisting film, television, and video game professionals in all matters relating to the United States Army. OCPA-West works directly with members of the entertainment industry to ensure their project accurately portray Soldiers and the Army. The staff at OCPA-West specializes in knowledge of the entertainment world, feature film and television script review, on-site technical military assistance to film makers, and coordinating documentary coverage of the Army. In addition, seeks opportunities to showcase the American Soldier and all that they do for our nation through community outreach planning, media engagements and community liaison on behalf of the Army.

For additional information, please visit the U.S. Army's OCPA-West FAQs at http://www.army.mil/info/institution/publicAffairs/ocpa-west/faq.html.


Video Playlist

Army Media Player [1/50]

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  6. 06. Celebrating 240 years of the U.S. Army
  7. 07. Training to Respond to Force Protection Threats in Afghanistan
  8. 08. Special Forces Combat divers joint training with USN and USCG
  9. 09. Efficient Base Camp Technologies
  10. 10. Pentagon Hall of Heroes: Sgt. William Shemin and Pvt. Henry Johnson
  11. 11. Medal of Honor Ceremony: Sgt. William Shemin and Pvt. Henry Johnson
  12. 12. Special Forces Combat Divers
  13. 13. Honor Flight
  14. 14. Inventing the Army of the Future
  15. 15. The Harlem Hellfighters
  16. 16. Army Memorial Day :60 PSA
  17. 17. #ArmyTeam: Everything that makes the Army great
  18. 18. 82nd Airborne Division Interoperability Program Overview
  19. 19. A Closer Look: Moving Forward
  20. 20. Operation Proper Exit
  21. 21. A Closer Look: Mark of Success
  22. 22. Lean in: A Discussion on Leadership with Sheryl Sandberg
  23. 23. Michigan 1-119th FA and Latvian Land Forces complete Operation Summer Shield XII Life Fire Exercise
  24. 24. A Closer Look: Aligning Standards
  25. 25. Operation Atlantic Resolve: 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Deep Freeze
  26. 26. A Closer Look: Inside the Alliance
  27. 27. African-Americans in Military History: Breaking Barriers
  28. 28. A Closer Look: View From The Top
  29. 29. A Closer Look: View From The Top
  30. 30. Swearing-in ceremony: Short Version
  31. 31. CSM Dailey Talks NCO 2020 Vision
  32. 32. Service Chiefs Describe Sequestration Dangers
  33. 33. Exercise Allied Spirit
  34. 34. Gen. Perkins Interview with U.S. Army Europe
  35. 35. A Closer Look: Strong Europe
  36. 36. A Closer Look: Strong Europe
  37. 37. Updates on Operation United Assistance
  38. 38. A Closer Look: Mutual Objectives
  39. 39. Kiowa End
  40. 40. Battle for City of Kobani Rages On in Syria
  41. 41. A Closer Look: Call to Duty
  42. 42. A Closer Look: A Day in the Countdown
  43. 43. First Lieutenant Alonzo H. Cushing: Hall of Heroes Induction Ceremony
  44. 44. AFRICOM Update, Episode 31
  45. 45. Soldiers Update: CSM Daniel Dailey
  46. 46. A Closer Look: Moving Forward
  47. 47. National Guard Responds to Lava Flow
  48. 48. Hawaii National Guardsmen Assist with Patrols and Security During Big Island Lava Flow
  49. 49. Transfer of Authority in Ebola Response
  50. 50. Working On an Ebola Vaccine

Mission Statement

Connecting you with your Army

The Community Relations Division, headquartered at the Pentagon, communicates Soldiers' stories by directly engaging a wide spectrum of businesses, organizations, and local community and education leaders to bring the American people closer to the Soldiers who serve them.

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