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West Virginia

State and Community Programs and Services

Intre-service Family Assistance Committee

The Intre-service Family Assistance Committee brings together West Virginia community partners, civic organizations, the West Virginia Faith Based Community and Business Partners in a collaborative setting to resource and provide education and outreach to the rural areas of the state. Recently, a local organization provided financial grants for family members to provide awareness and education on topics such as Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. Through our partnership with the West Virginia Psychological Association, we have a network of psychiatrists and psychologists who provide discounted or free service to our Guard members and Families.

West Virginia National Guard Foundation

The West Virginia National Guard Foundation is a community funded organization offering grants to families of Service Members living in West Virginia facing personal financial crisis due to federal or state military activation orders.

Education Consortium

The Education Consortium is made up of colleges and universities who partner with the West Virginia National Guard to provide special services to our members and their Families. West Virginia schools offer 20 percent discounts for Guard members and their Families. The State of West Virginia offers tuition assistance that supplements federal programs so that every member can complete a fully funded Masters Degree. State partners also work with our deployed members by offering unit based VTC classes for students serving in Iraq.

Military Spouse Residency Relief Act

On November 11, 2009, the President signed into law the Military Spouse Residency Relief Act. This Act, among other things, provides that when a service member leaves his or her home State in accord with military or naval orders, the service member's spouse may retain residency in his or her home State for voting and tax purposes, after relocating from that State to accompany the service member. In the State of West Virginia an exemption from West Virginia withholding tax may be claimed if an employees spouse is a member of the US Armed Services and their state of legal residence is not West Virginia. For more information visit