Are you up-to-date on current Army Facts?

1) Who is the current Sergeant Major of the Army?

(Source: Sergeant Major of the Army)

2) Who is the current Chief of Staff of the Army?

(Source: Chief of Staff)

3) What is the most highly decorated Army combat unit?

(Source: U.S. Army Center of Military History)

4) How many installations does the Army have worldwide?

(Source: U.S. Army Facts...)

5) How many current branches of the U.S. Army are headed by female Soldiers?

(Source: "Army will open previously closed jobs, units to women"

Transportation is Lt. Gen. Kathy Gainey; Medical is Lt. Gen. Patricia Horoho; Nurse Corps is Maj. Gen. Jimmie O. Keenan; Adjutant General Corps is Maj. Gen. Gena S. Farrisee; Military Intelligence is Maj. Gen. Mary Legere; Signal is Lt. Gen. Susan Lawrence

6) Approximately, what percentage of the Army is comprised of women?

(Source: Women in the U.S. Army)

7) What is the current recruitment slogan for the U.S. Army?

8) How old is the Army Reserve?

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Learn more about the U.S. Army Reserve

9) What is the minimum age to join the Army?

(Source: U.S. Army on Facebook)

10) What is the U.S. Army’s Motto?

(Source: U.S. Army Center of Military History)

11) True or False. The Reserve component of the Army (Guard/Reserve) is larger than the Active Army.

(Source: "Landpower and the Reserve Components")