Event Information

Events for the Week

Below is a description of the events in which Warriors will compete Oct. 18 - Oct. 22. Please note that dates and times are subject to change without notice.

Event Descriptions

In-Processing and Welcome Dinner

During in-processing, the Warriors receive room assignments, post orientation and other necessary information to make their stay at Fort Lee, Va., memorable and enjoyable. The Warriors get the week started with a Welcome Dinner, a time of relaxation, fellowship and camaraderie.

Command Sergeants Major Board Appearance

Warriors must have command of their appearance and knowledge of the Army as competitors will appear before a Command Sergeants Major Board where they will answer a variety of questions related to the U.S. Army.

Competitors are assessed by their breadth and depth of knowledge on areas such as military leadership and counseling; current events; U.S. Army history; tactical communications; survival; battle-focused training; weapons; U.S. government and Constitution; land navigation; the NCO Creed and history; and myriad other focus areas.

Pre-Combat Inspection and Media Interview Day

During Pre-Combat Inspection, Warriors check over their equipment to ensure they have everything they need for success. Equipment provided to each warrior includes Kevlar, a Kevlar camouflage cover, protective vest, two camelbaks, two ammunition pouches, one first aid pouch and individual body armor. Media Interview Day allows local, regional and national media to question competitors.

Physical Fitness Test/Weigh-In

Warriors must complete as many push-ups and sit-ups as they possibly can during two-minute increments. Then, they take to the track for a timed, two-mile run. In addition, Warriors must meet required Army weight standards.

Urban Warfare Orienteering Course

Warriors must complete both a day and night land navigation course. During land navigation and orientation, Warriors are given a map, a compass, a pencil and a list of approximately six digit grid coordinates that correlate to points they must find within the mapped area. They are also given the grid coordinates from their starting point. Before leaving the starting point, Warriors will plot their points on the map, determine how far away each point is based on information in the map's legend, and then use their compasses to find the correct azimuth. Once they have this information, they will proceed to each point and write down a set of identifying information on each point. The first one back with their points correctly identified wins. Each phase of this event must be completed in an allotted amount of time and competitors must locate all of the checkpoints.

Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills

Today’s Soldiers must be versed in a variety of Warrior tasks outside of their primary military occupational skill. The Warriors must successfully work through battlefield scenarios including: Individual Conduct and the Laws of War; Combat First Aid and Unexploded Ordnance.

Individual Conduct and the Laws of War include compliance with and enforcing the Laws of War and the Geneva and Hague conventions and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Warriors are expected to be able to successfully complete interactions with news media, maintain compliance with requirements of the Code of Conduct, and enforce compliance with other important Army policies.

During First Aid scenarios, Warriors are expected to show expertise in evaluating casualties, treating common combat injuries such as preventing/controlling shock, burns, head injuries, and open wounds; transporting casualties; and requesting medical evacuation and coordinating medical activity support.

In the unexploded ordnance phase, competitors have to identify unconventional explosive weapons and their triggers. For example, Warriors may have to identify a propane tank with a plastic explosive and a trip wire trigger. Most of the current improvised explosive devices are represented in the lane.

M-4 Range Qualification

The basic weapon of today’s Warrior is the rifle. Warriors must successfully fire the M4 rifle at a set number of targets under timed conditions during day and night operations.

Mystery Event

Soldiers must be able to react, adapt and overcome a situation quickly and decisively. The Mystery Event is designed to see how well the Warriors can think on their feet while under both physical and mental stress.

AUSA Awards Luncheon

Sergeant Major of the Army Kenneth O. Preston announces competition winners at the annual Association of the United States Army luncheon attended by Army senior leadership.