FORT RUCKER, Ala. (March 28, 2013) -- A new registration process with Fort Rucker Child, Youth and School Services is designed to garner new interest and bolster youth participation at the new youth center.

The registration process for 11-18 year old youth on Fort Rucker changed, and according to Pam Williams, CYSS coordinator, the new, streamlined registration process only makes it easier for children to get involved in youth programs.

"With the changes, we're hoping to alleviate some of the obstacles that youth have had because we've got this wonderful new facility that can hold up to 150 youth, but I don't think we've been able to tap into the youth on Fort Rucker who are eligible to sign up," she said. "We just want to make it easier for them to partake in this facility that we have."

One of the biggest changes in the registration process is that 11-18 year olds no longer require proof of immunization or a physical to register.

"When children get to 11 years of age, we know they've pretty much had all of their immunizations, and we know that they're in school and have had certain physicals," said Williams. "It's with the younger youth that we need to keep up with those things to make sure they're protected, but once they hit a certain age, they're pretty well established in that regard."

Additionally, the registration packet itself has also been streamlined to exclude issues that relate to younger youth, such as potty training, she said.

"We've really streamlined the registration process and now it's' just a two-page registration packet, and the youth can actually get the form and fill it out themselves," said Williams. "All they have to do is fill it out, have their parents sign it, then bring it back to us. Parents don't have to go to our central registration -- we'll get it over there for them."

Once the registration form is taken to central registration, parents can expect a call to verify that they signed the form and are aware that their child is interested, and if the parent gives the OK, then the child is "good to go" and a card will be issued to them, she added.

"This way just makes it so much easier for youth to have access to our wonderful, new youth center," said Williams.

Not all youth are eligible to register, but Williams said that most youth with some type of connection to Fort Rucker are eligible to participate in the youth center's programs. Children of active-duty military, retired military, National Guard, Reserve and any Fort Rucker employee are able to register, she said.

Although the new registration process makes it easier for youth to participate, those that wish to play in youth sports will still require a physical signed by a physician before they participate.

"A physical is needed for the safety of the child because we want to make sure that they are healthy enough to play whatever sport they are interested in," said Williams. "They physicals also have to be done annually because physical conditions can change and we don't want any children to be at risk."

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