Weekend Warriors find employment assistance through VOW/TAP
Soldiers from the 182nd Engineer Battalion attend the Veteran's Opportunity to Work/Transition Assistance Program training during the demobilization process at the Soldier Readiness Processing site at Fort Bliss, Texas, Jan. 23, 2013.

FORT BLISS, Texas (March 27, 2013) -- As the mission in Afghanistan draws down, and more Reserve and National Guard Soldiers return to their civilian lives, many Soldiers face challenges on the home front.

Veterans face higher unemployment rates than non-veterans, with the youngest of veterans, ages 18 to 24, experiencing a 30.4 percent jobless rate in October 2011, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics employment data.

The Army has put an increased emphasis on increasing the transitioning Soldiers' ability and knowledge to obtain jobs, job opportunities, and education. As part of a continued effort to ensure Soldiers succeed outside the service, a newly passed federal law requires Army National Guard and reserve-component Soldiers to attend the Veteran's Opportunity to Work/Transition Assistance Program, or VOW/TAP.

Division West's 402nd Field Artillery Brigade and the Directorate of Mobilization and Demobilization recently began implementing the training as part of the 14-day demobilization process for all redeploying Army National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers.

The program's focus is to identify Soldiers who are returning from deployment and facing unemployment upon their return home. The five-day program consists of briefings from the Army Career and Alumni Program, Army Community Service, Army Continuing Education Service, Veteran's Affairs, and Department of Labor representatives.

Throughout the program, Soldiers receive materials and information on programs such as the Veterans Employment Initiative Task Force and the Secretary of the Army Transition Policy, which encourage civilian employers to employ veterans. Soldiers also receive training on how to build a competitive resume and to access numerous federal and state programs aimed at assisting Soldiers with their transition out of active military service.

Since the introduction of the program at Fort Bliss, 294 Soldiers have received the training, of whom 246 are currently employed.

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