Dugway Proving Ground, UT

CentraCom Interactive (ISP) - Internet Issues Remedied

In response to the Internet problems that CentraCom Interactive experienced in Dugway, the following issues have been remedied:

1. Bandwidth has been increased from 2 channels to 8 channels to handle the traffic. The Internet usage in Dugway has also increased by about 50% from a year ago.

2. Load balancing problems that were slowing the Internet down were fixed.

3. Several Radio Frequency leaks in the cable lines were repaired. This will help eliminate impulse noise in the system.

4. A faulty module in the fiber equipment at CentraCom's head end was replaced.

5. Centracom is confident that the Internet is much better now. Customers contacted by Centracom have said they are satisfied with the speeds.

6. Centracom apologizes for all the inconvenience and frustration this caused our customers.

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