SHIN KAY DISTRICT, Afghanistan (March 17, 2014) -- Soldiers of the Zabul Agribusiness Development Team completed a four-day mission March 7, to vaccinate and assess the livestock in Shin Kay district of Zabul province, Afghanistan.

The Agribusiness Development Team, or ADT, along with a security element from Aztec Company, 2nd Battalion, 23rd Infantry, Task Force 2-1 Cavalry "Blackhawks," attached to the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, Combined Task Force Raider, Third Infantry Division, traveled to four villages in Shin Kay district: Shinkay, Mandan Kheyl, Safidar and Patab Kalay. In the four villages, more than 1,500 cows, goats, and sheep were de-wormed and vaccinated for anthrax, enterotoxaemia and foot-in-mouth disease.

Afghan farmers appeared very grateful of the ADT for the vaccinations.

"Today was very good for the village. You guys helped out a lot and we appreciated it," said Saldad Jhan, a farmer in Shin Kay. "Our animals need these vaccinations and we are happy that you have provided them."

The farmers were happy with the vaccinations and the Afghan villagers were welcoming to the Soldiers.

"For the most part, the villagers were quite receptive to us once they realized what we were there for," said Sgt. Roosevelt Guy, a security force team leader with the ADT. "Of course, there were some people that were stand-offish, but that's in any town."

Many of the farmers were eager to learn how to better care for their animals.

"I have many goats and sheep and I want to learn how to vaccinate them myself," said Abdul Braza, a farmer in Mandan Kheyl.

Afghan farmers herded their animals to the center of each town to have their livestock vaccinated and evaluated. Livestock were brought out from many places; barns, fields, houses, and even the bazaar.

One big difference in the Shin Kay District was the type of livestock brought out.

"There were a lot more cattle in this district than any other we have been in," said Sgt. Matthew Wilson, an agricultural specialist with the ADT. "The livestock were very healthy; we were surprised at how healthy and well taken care of these animals were."

Annual vaccinations like these mean healthier animals for Afghan farmers. The efforts of the Zabul ADT will ensure farmers throughout the Shin Kay district of Zabul province will be able to gain higher profits for their livestock at market.

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