Detroit Arsenal's Army Community Service (ACS), is bringing attention to all that DTA does to advocate for military-families, at no cost incurred by the client.

If a military member or their dependent family members are ever effected by a situation such as domestic violence, child abuse, child neglect, sexual harassment, sexual assault, or need new parent support then we can act as your advocate through the ACS Family Advocacy Program (FAP). ACS is also able to advocate for families who need assistance for an Exceptional Family Member (EFM). An EFM is a family member who has special needs, for example there may be a child with Autism or Down Syndrome or an adult EFM who has blindness or dyslexia. ACS does not forget about family members who may live in an English speaking area but only speak English as a second-language.

ACS will advocate for the military family in any of the situations mentioned above. FAP can also put you in touch with a financial advocate using the ACS Financial Readiness Program (FRP) or can place you in touch with an emergency-fund expert by using the Army Emergency Relief (AER) program.

"The FRP has helped so many people this last holiday season alone." said Jenny Downey, a local ACS expert. "It is so satisfying to see the good work of our program managers come to light when clients walk out feeling empowered, after being assisted by the ACS staff. "

ACS feels that each one of their clients are heroes and it is our job to advocate for those heroes, no matter what the situation may happen to be at the time. Another great thing about ACS; if the staff are asked a question about something that is not within their expertise then they will aggressively advocate for their clients and act as a conduit to the appropriate organizations or services which will be needed or be the most beneficial for the military member and their dependent military-family.

Heather Rempala. states ACS "…helps people when they need it…their programs and staff are awesome!" If a military member or any part of their dependent military family members requires an advocate then do not forget that there are several ways that ACS can advocate for them, just give us a call.

To contact the DTA-Army Community Service, call the primary ACS phone number 586-282-0489, or call DTA's Family Advocacy Program expert, Meddie "Cece" McPherson, 586-282-0475. If there are questions about financial issues then contact our finance expert, Gwendolyn McCarthy at 586-282-0480. She can provide financial assistance or financial training.

As mentioned above, ACS services are a at no cost to the military family and is a government provided service and the staff appreciate their military families.

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