FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- "Keeping You Informed" is the theme of Fort Jackson's first semi-annual town hall meeting of 2013, set for March 12 at the Solomon Center.

There are actually two meetings that day, the first starting at 9 a.m., with the next at 6 p.m.

"The five topics we're briefing on are based on feedback we received through ICE, as well as formal and informal methods," said Col. Michael Graese, Fort Jackson garrison commander. "We know these are five topics as a whole that will be of interest to people on the installation. And for the things that aren't covered, it's wide open to bring out issues on the spot. All of the installation experts and directorates will be represented at the meeting and will answer questions."

The following topics will be briefed during next week's meeting:

- The housing renovation status for Balfour Beatty Communities.
- The status of the Lee Road Child Development Center opening.
- Rules for the issuance of Family Member Card.
- An introduction to the Chaplain Family Life Center.
- The range of support provided by Army OneSource.

"This is our twice-a-year opportunity to get two-way conversation with folks on post," Graese said. "If people don't feel any of the feedback mechanisms available on post are appropriate, whether it's ICE or normal face-toface, this is an opportunity for them to participate. We're pretty confident that we respond adequately to concerns across the installation, but this is one more avenue for us to stay in touch with the needs of the community."

You don't need to register before the meeting to ask questions, but administration has established a short list of rules for the event. Those interested in participating in the public forum are asked to:

- Focus on issues that affect the quality of life for the Fort Jackson community.
- For personal issues and concerns, use ICE Cards or speak with directorates and leadership after the meeting.
- Be open minded and respectful of others. No personal attacks or inappropriate language.
- Use microphones to raise one issue or concern so that others have the opportunity to voice their concerns, as well.

The next town hall meeting is scheduled for August and will be conducted online, Graese said.

"The next town hall meeting will be on Facebook," Graese said. "The directorates, myself and leadership will be standing by to answer questions, and people are able to stay at home and participate. We'll see if that meets the need of the population."

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