Zumba offers challenge for St. Patrick's Day
A Zumba class instructed by Danielle Dermer performs a choreographed number during a session at the Fortenberry-Colton Physical Fitness Facility in December.

FORT RUCKER, Ala. (February 28, 2013) -- People feeling a little lucky this March should get ready to start off the St. Patrick's Day celebrations with a healthy challenge -- a Zumba challenge.

The Zumba challenge is March 14 at the Fortenberry-Colton Physical Fitness Facility from 5:15-7:15 p.m. and is a great way for people to dance, sweat and lose weight while having a good time, according to Danielle Dermer, Zumba fitness instructor.

"Zumba is basically dancing, but losing weight while you do it. It feels like being in your own little club and you just feel the beat of the music," she said.

The cost of the challenge is $3.50 a person, but there is no additional cost for those with a monthly or weekly membership.

"It's a great cardio workout because you're doing it almost nonstop," said Dermer. "You're toning your stomach, your legs, your arms -- you're basically doing all that with the dances."

The session is two hours instead of one, but it is not a requirement to stay the entire two hours, according to Rachel Chigas, Zumba instructor.

"The challenge is to stay the two hours. It is the same price as the one-hour class but participants get an extra little incentive to push themselves a little farther," she said.

There will be drinks and snacks at the challenge, along with giveaways and other bonuses.

"There will be several instructors there instead of just the one, like in a usual class," said Chigas. "And we will have a special Irish-themed routine to celebrate St. Patrick's Day."

Another fun way challenge participants can celebrate the holiday is by wearing St. Patrick's Day-themed outfits.

"I have had people wear Irish-themed attire and quilts before. People can wear costumes and tutus or just green workout wear to get sweaty in," she said.

Dermer said that along with the benefits of losing weight, Zumba is also a great way for a person to build self-confidence and that it is a great source of fun.

"You'll come into the class and you'll just leave with a smile because you're having fun while you sweat," she said.

Although the classes are fun, it's also a serious workout for people to stay healthy.

"Anyone can do Zumba, even if you don't feel healthy," said Dermer. "People can take the workouts at their own pace and it can be changed to fit anyone's fitness level."

Participants can arrive 30 minutes early to go over some moves with the instructor to make them feel more comfortable if they have reservations about dancing.

"Anyone who is shy about [dancing] or any men that have reservations about coming, should just come out. No one will judge because everyone is there for the same reason -- to have fun and work out," she said.

Chigas encourages participants to bring friends along for encouragement.

"Bringing a friend or a spouse can improve a participant's workout. They can work off each other's energy and it helps to have someone encouraging you. People are more successful when they tag team with friends and spouses because they hold each other accountable.

"It's also a good idea because you can be silly and goofy with each other. It will loosen you up more because you will be more comfortable," she said.

Both instructors said it's not about doing the routines perfectly, but maintaining a healthy body.

"No one is perfect," said Dermer. "Just come, try it out and have fun -- that's all I want people to get out of it."

For more information, call 255-3794, or 255-2296.

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