FORT SILL, Okla.-- While visiting units across the Fires Center of Excellence over the last few months, we noticed particular trends involving the suspension of favorable actions for Soldiers.

We wanted to share this information with the Fort Sill team to clear up any misconceptions regarding flags.

A flag is emplaced during some type of disciplinary or administrative action until that action is concluded. A flag should be initiated (DA Form 268) within three working days after identification of the Soldier's unfavorable status (i.e. APFT failure). The flagging authority, unit commander, or first line supervisor will counsel all Soldiers in writing upon initiation of any flag within two working days unless notification would compromise an ongoing investigation. Take note, that it is not the platoon sergeant or first sergeant who counsels the Soldier, unless they are the first line supervisor. The counseling should include the reason for the flag, requirement(s) for flag removal, and actions prohibited by the flag (school attendance, promotion, reenlistment, etc). After the it has been approved by the commander as well as when it is removed, the flagged Soldier will be provided a copy of the DA Form 268.

Another deficiency that is commonly found pertains to managing the records of flags. When discussing the suspension of favorable actions with command teams, it was noticed in some cases that proper documentation was not being maintained at the unit level. AR 600-8-2, Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions (flags) states "Units will maintain the following documents: DA Form 268 and supporting documentation on active flags for all Soldiers within their unit; current Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions Management Report (AAA-095)."

The AAA-095 must also be signed by the battalion commander if the report contains flags more than six months old. When flags are closed, units will maintain both DA Form 268 (initiating and removing flag) with supporting documentation for one year on all Soldiers to include those who separate, retire, or are discharged while flagged.

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