Letter to Child, Youth and School Services team members

IMCOM Child Youth, and School Services Team, As you may have heard us say
before, this is the best workforce the Installation Management Command has
seen in 30 plus years of service. We remain inspired by the dedicated
professionals in the IMCOM HQ, Regions, and the Garrisons. We have a great
team and - you are a valuable and trusted member of that team.
Our Army Child, Youth & School Services allow our Soldiers and Civilian
workforce to focus on their mission of supporting and defending our nation.
You have the privilege as part of this workforce to work in a position that
provides for the safety, health and well-being of the children and youth of
these great Soldiers and Civilians. We take this responsibility very
seriously as evidenced by the recognition that Military Child and Youth
programs have received from multiple public and private sector
organizations. We have the best trained child and youth workforces in the
nation. We simply could not do it without you. Your day-to-day interactions
give our children and youth the resiliency skills they need to flourish in a
challenging military lifestyle. Quality assurance is a necessary and
critical function of continuing this superior care.
To that end , we are reviewing personnel records of every employee to ensure
required paperwork and procedures are in order- no one is being singled out.
If in this review proper documentation is missing or incomplete, affected
individuals will be required to work under line of sight supervision (LOSS)
until such time as the records are corrected. For those of you whose records
are being reviewed, we appreciate your patience and cooperation.
Again, we cannot thank you enough for your dedicated service. You are a
critical asset to keeping our Soldiers and Families Army Strong!
/signed/ /signed/
Earl L. Rice Michael Ferriter
Command Sergeant Major, US Army Lieutenant General, US Army
Commanding General, Installation
Management Command

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