ARLINGTON, Va. Aca,!" Senior leaders are showing fierce loyalty to the Installation Management Command by volunteering to serve as mentors or Aca,!A"eagles,Aca,!A? in the Centralized Mentoring Program.

John Maxwell in his recent leadership book, Aca,!A"25 Ways to Win With People,Aca,!A? said eagles in organizations find people with great potential and create an environment for them to flourish and emerge as full-fledged leaders. Mentors, or eagles in this case, make things happen, influence others, and equip others to lead. Eagles provide ideas that help the organization, possess a great attitude and live up to their commitments and responsibilities, Maxwell said.

Senior executive champion J. Randall Robinson, IMCOM-West director, said the HCMP is designed to select and groom the ArmyAca,!a,,cs future leaders and develop these high-potential employees into well-rounded managers at the middle or senior-level.

Mentoring provides senior leaders the opportunity to establish legacy, enhance communication skills, provide exposure to new ideas, expand installation management knowledge base, and pass on lessons learned. Some mentors review mentee resumes and provide feedback. They may conduct practice job interviews, discuss leadership books, assist in developing individual development plans, advise on handling job situations, and encourage mentees to reach beyond their comfort zone.

Mentees confirmed the value of leadersAca,!a,,c commitment to mentoring and described the benefits gained from their partnership during the HCMP mid-year program evaluation.

Aca,!A"I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the program. From the well-designed orientation, the stretch assignment, my mentorAca,!a,,cs enthusiasm, and the continuing IMCOM headquarters support, the program has been exciting and rewarding,Aca,!A? wrote one respondent.

Another mentee wrote, Aca,!A"I feel the mentoring program contributed significantly to being selected for a branch chief position at the headquarters.Aca,!A?

Mentors stressed the importance of ensuring that leaders at all levels are aware of the value of the program. One mentor commented, Aca,!A"I believe the IMCOM Mentoring Program is a crucial part of preparing the next generation of leaders. It is a win-win situation in that both mentors and mentees benefit from the relationship.Aca,!A?

While workload and distance are factors in the mentoring partnerships Aca,!" mentors and mentees often are not co-located Aca,!" the pairs meet at least once a month, using e-mail, telephone and video teleconference.

One program highlight is when mentors host their mentees during a one-week shadow assignment that allows them to observe senior leaders during a variety of events, ask questions and network. Some have the opportunity to shadow at conferences and ceremonies, observe high-level briefings and meetings and gain experience from face-to-face counseling with senior leaders. Mentors have an opportunity to model leadership qualities, problem solving tactics and how to handle sensitive issues.

Previous mentees who have moved to leadership positions attest to its value and have volunteered to Aca,!A"give backAca,!A? as mentors during the upcoming fourth iteration of the HCMP, beginning in fiscal 2009. Several current mentors committed to the value of mentoring also have volunteered again for this next iteration.

The fiscal 2009 Mentoring Program application period is open through June 23, 2008. Senior leader volunteer mentors are being solicited and 30 will be selected as mentors and matched with selected mentees. Mentors will then attend a two-day orientation in October. This program is centrally funded by IMCOM.

Employees who are GS-11 through GS-13, or equivalents, and employees covered by the National Security Personnel System whose positions are equivalent to GS-11 through GS-13, may apply to be matched with senior leaders for the fiscal 2009, formal one-year mentoring partnership. Mentees complete a one-week shadow assignment, stretch assignments, eLearning courses and regular meetings with their mentors.

Supervisor approval is required for the HCMP. Garrison-level applicants require endorsement from the garrison commanders or managers or the deputy garrison commanders. Region applicants require an endorsement from region director or designee. Applicants at Headquarters IMCOM must obtain their supervisorAca,!a,,cs and division chiefAca,!a,,cs approval.

Application forms are online at

Send applications by mail or e-mail to the IMCOM mentoring program manager, Mary Tanzer, by June 23. Contact Tanzer at 703-602-5487 or Defense Switched Network 332-5487, or e-mail for more information.

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