8th Army Best Warrior Competition Day 2
Spc. Eric Kocourek, a sheet metal mechanic with 2-2 Aviation, plots his route for the day Urban Warfare Orienteering Course during the 2008 Best Warrior Competition June 3 at Camp Carroll. Performing these tasks during the day will prepare Kocourek for the obstacle of navigating through the dark when he performs the night Urban Warfare Orienteering Course tonight.

Participants of the 2008 8th U.S. Army Best Warrior Competition set out on the second day on a race not only against each other, but against the clock.
The Soldiers were given three hours to plot five points, find them and make it back to the Camp Carroll helicopter landing pad during the Urban Warfare Orienteering Course.
For the first point the Soldiers were given a Precision Lightweight Global Positioning System Receiver to find their first point.
"You can use the PLGR for the first point, after that you should turn it off," said Sgt. Lyferik Cheffey, a grader for the UWOC. "We won't be watching your every move so think of this as an integrity check."
Navigating the course throughout the day might help familiarize Soldiers with the adversities they might face during the night portion tonight.
"I thought the day course was very beneficial because it helped me prepare for the night course and I felt a lot more confident going into the event," said Spc. Eric J. Kocourek, sheet metal mechanic, 2nd Infantry Division.
The Urban Warfare Orienteering Night Course had more challenges for the Soldiers with limited visibility and a slippery terrain caused by a light rain. They seemed unaffected as they drove on and gave it their all to finish the course.
Following this event, the Soldiers proceed to day three and take on the firing range.

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