ANAD progressing with VPP
Arthur Champion, supervisor for the Vehicle Machining Branch discusses the guards and lighting for machining equipment in the depot's Combat Vehicle Repair Facility with Janet Nixon of Concurrent Technologies, part of a VPP assessment team that toured the depot the week of Feb. 4.

ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- A three-member team from Concurrent Technologies, the Department of Defense Voluntary Protection Program Center of Excellence, conducted a VPP assessment at Anniston Army Depot the week of Feb. 4.

ANAD is currently in stage two of the three-step VPP process.

In stage one, the installation must declare it has a program and take steps to begin the program.

Stage two requires the most effort. During this phase, the program is implemented and there must be proof that each portion of the program is performed by employees.

"Auditors love proof," said Scott Miller, chief of the depot's Safety Office.

Miller said the depot has completed stage one and the installation is 59.3 percent complete with stage two.

Stage three, which verifies completion of the prior two stages, is the time when the final mock inspections are performed. ANAD is 11.1 percent complete with that portion.

Miller said the inspection showed a few areas where Anniston is at VPP Star Status level, but there were numerous areas where improvement is needed. Leading the areas of improvement is employee involvement.

"Employee involvement is the key to making VPP work," said Miller. "When we are audited, they will be looking for every employee to be involved in the safety program in at least three meaningful ways."

Miller said employee participation can range from being part of weekly inspections to preparing a safety meeting or helping to write a job hazard analysis.

"The bottom line is that all employees, from the shop floor to the commander, have to be involved," said Miller.

As the depot implements VPP, Miller said the installation's higher headquarters at TACOM Life Cycle Management Command, Army Materiel Command and the Department of the Army are watching the progress.

VPP audit results

Areas of needed improvement
• Have visible leadership support and engagement
• Use proper personal protective equipment all the time.
• Market VPP - employees will soon see posters and banners.
• Housekeeping,- cleaning up work areas significantly reduces hazards.
• Ensure disciplinary process is applied equitably.
• Medical surveillance - show up for all occupational health appointments.
• Do not eat or drink in production/shop areas.
• Accountability and responsibility - do things the right way and hold individuals accountable for their actions.
• Improve hazard communications,-,train employees,on,hazardous chemicals they may use while performing job duties.
• Shop-specific training - train all new employees in a shop on that work center's specific requirements.

Star Status points
• Union commitment
• Attitude and willingness of employees to do what is right
• Go-to-Resource Book
• The Morning Show - specifically the safety portion
• Safety Monitor program
• Mechanical lifting assistance in the shop areas
• I Care cards
• Decline in severity of injuries - while the number of injuries at ANAD has not decreased, severity of injuries has decreased.

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