Chaplain (Captain) Matthew Weathers prays at Hall of Heroes ceremony for former Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha
Chaplain (Captain) Matthew Weathers delivers the invocation at the Hall of Heroes ceremony for former Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha in a ceremony at the Pentagon on February 12.

The U.S. Army inducted Former Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha into the Pentagon's Hall of Heroes in a ceremony at the Pentagon on February 12. Romesha was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Obama on February 11 at a White House ceremony.

Chaplain (Captain) Matthew Weathers delivered the invocation at the Pentagon's Hall of Heroes ceremony. Weathers, who served as the squadron chaplain for Romesha's unit in Afghanistan, was personally invited by the medal of honor winner to pray at the ceremony. The text of his invocation is printed below:

Almighty and Gracious God,
It is with humble gratitude for your steadfast presence in our nation, that we enter into this historic moment to recognize the leadership, courage and fortitude of one man, a symbol of so many who selflessly ran headlong into the fray, that he and his fellow Black Knights would regain, and hold the line. In this sacred Hall of Heroes, we are reminded that Ro is representative of and surrounded by the best of what this nation has to offer, its sons and daughters.

You have created such individuals, and instilled in their hearts an undying devotion to their fellow soldiers. You have given them the ability to walk through the valley of the shadow of death overcoming fear by confidence in your abiding presence. You are continually shepherding these Soldiers and so many thousands more into a lush green valley of healing and restoration, leading them beside still waters, rebuilding their souls.

May you bless the hearts and minds of his family with peace and tranquility, and grant them rest. May the reunion of friends with whom he endured the battle grant him comfort and support. And Father, as we turn our hearts and minds towards you, would you in turn, shed your grace on us, once again, for it is in your Holy Name we Pray,

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