"U.S. Army TSO Office Launches with Immediate Impact"

ARLINGTON, Virginia (Feb. 11, 2013) -- Established in August of 2012, the U.S. Army Transition Strategic Outreach (TSO) Office is the primary conduit for Employers, and Industry, to access the "Army Talent Pipeline." The staff of strategically-focused professionals serves as the Army's preferred point-of-contact for Businesses and Hiring Managers -- thereby facilitating the connection between transitioning Soldiers and potential job opportunities. TSO helps Employers "navigate" the Army's reintegration network by developing lasting Industry relationships. This targeted effort then builds the foundation for numerous long-term, value-added relationships between the business community and the Army. The TSO office is aligned under The Adjutant General Directorate / Army Human Resources Command / Deputy Chief of Staff G-1 chain of command.

As a one-stop-shop, TSO establishes a seamless, coordinated flow of information between Employers, the Army's transition assistance Partners (a.k.a. "The Fusion Cell") and Active Duty, National Guard, and Army Reserve Soldiers. Fusion Cell Partners include: Army Commands and Directorates, Military and Veteran-centric programs, and numerous Federal / Civic / State and Educational organizations. Weekly Fusion Cell meetings are crucial for collective efforts to connect Employers to Transitioning Soldiers. Attendees share valuable information including current initiatives and the way ahead. TSO also uses this opportunity to obtain, and disseminate -- via the Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP), Facebook, and the worldwide network of ACAP Counseling Centers -- any new hiring-opportunities, posted job announcements, and advisories of upcoming engagements.

Making it Easy for "Employers of Choice"

The Army provides Employers with a labor pool rich in resources. Our Soldiers offer the most sought-after talents and skill-sets: proven leadership, dedicated discipline, and a strong work ethic. Soldiers are uniquely equipped to adapt to any situation in today's fast-paced, high-stress working environment. They are innovative, diverse, motivated, tech-savvy, and eager to take personal initiative. Soldiers are ready to solve tough problems while thinking independently. They embrace collaboration, adaptability, integrity, and a culture of continuous learning. Soldiers display the ultimate in corporate citizenship and are truly dynamic members of a team. Employers have found that Army-specific occupational specialties actually do translate to the core-competencies needed in the civilian sector. As members of the workforce, transitioning Soldiers provide maximum shareholder value to companies and organizations worldwide.

Many Employers are also eligible for tax credits by hiring transitioning Soldiers as well as disabled Veterans who may be out of work. As a result of new federal legislation, the Government offers tax benefits when hiring Soldiers and those disabled Veterans recently unemployed. In addition, there are hundreds of State and National grants available to businesses seeking to target Veterans for employment opportunities.


A key facilitative tool, and a tremendous resource for Employers, is "Hero 2 Hired" (H2H.Jobs). This web site provides hiring managers with direct access to qualified candidates who already have background checks and security clearances.

Proven analysis has shown that Employers initially struggle to match job requirements, and industry standards, with Army MOS skills and training equivalents. Similarly, many Veterans do not understand civilian job-skill terminology and titles. H2H leverages a unique military-to-civilian skill-translation technology that matches the talents of Soldiers to civilian careers. The result is a fast, accurate match to jobs…plus an immediate recognition when additional Credential-training, or Certifications, are required by certain institutions. Employers interested in promoting their company and posting job opportunities for transitioning Soldiers are encouraged to visit www.H2H.Jobs.

The VOW Act is Signed; Army Leadership Provides TSO Guidance to Corps Commanders

The Veteran's Opportunity to Work to Hire Heroes Act, or "VOW Act," was signed into law on 21 November 2011. Legislation now mandates Pre-separation Counseling, Veterans Affairs Briefing and Department of Labor (DOL) Employment Workshop for all Soldiers. Just prior to the new law, a Transition Policy Memorandum was signed by the Secretary of the Army on 29 August 2011. The policy ensures that every Soldier begins mandatory Transition counseling and planning no later than 12 months before separating or demobilizing. For more information, please visit https://www.acap.army.mil/transition-assistance.aspx.htm.

Today, the Army TSO office plays a key role in helping VOW stakeholders implement their critically important agenda. But, the question remained: how do we get the word out to our Soldiers in the field? Thus, TSO crafted specific "Corps Commanders Guidance" for dissemination by Army Leadership. These slides and talking points increased overall awareness by addressing such issues as, "Who is TSO?"…"How Does the Fusion Cell Work?"…and "Why You Should Use H2H.Jobs."

By highlighting the ongoing efforts of the Transition Strategic Outreach office, and strongly encouraging Soldiers to visit the H2H.Jobs site as well, Army leaders are synchronizing directly with previous guidance -- as issued by the Office of the Chief of Public Affairs (OCPA) and ACAP -- while aligning directly with the Army's key messaging platform of "Transition."

For Additional Information on the U.S. Army Transition Strategic Outreach Office, please visit www.hrc.army.mil/ArmyTalentPipeline

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