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Vicenza Fitness Center personal trainer Heyda Diaz demonstrates TRX, or Total body Resistance eXercise, equipment to community members at "The Bubble".

Are you interested in increasing fitness skills as part of your New Year's resolutions? If yes, a good opportunity for an effective workout may be available at the newly opened facility known as The Bubble, where Burn Your Fat Off classes are being held Wednesdays and Fridays using TRX equipment.

"TRX stands for Total body Resistance eXercise," said Heyda Diaz, personal trainer at the Vicenza Fitness Center. "That being said, with it you can get an effective workout, build an amazing core and increase muscular endurance."

Diaz conducted a free try-out session for the community Jan. 9, just a couple days before the facility's grand opening. Many Family members and Soldiers attended the event, which was a solid 45-minute circuit-style, high-intensity training class using the TRX straps and plyometrics to burn off fat with a vengeance.

"It was a total body workout," said Diaz, who explained that she came up with the idea of the class after noticing that the TRXs at the gym were not being used often.

"I was able to count on one hand the number of people who were experimenting with it," she said.

The free try-out session brought out a variety of participants who were switching from one piece of equipment to the other under Diaz's vigilant observation and direction.

"I didn't expect that many people. At the end of the class a lot of people came to talk to me to let me know that they loved the class, my energy and motivation that I have. Others gave me kudos on how I handle the big group," she said.

Based on the number of people and their levels of proficiency, Diaz realized that she needed to create two classes. The class is oriented to everybody, at all levels, with no limitations, she said.
Starting this week Diaz will lead two sessions. BYFO-X (X for extreme) will meet every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. and be oriented to those at the intermediate to advanced levels. Also every Friday at 5:30 p.m., BYFO (without the X) will meet for those closer to the beginner level.

"After Wednesday a lot of people came to tell me how sore they were from the workout and that they definitely can't wait for the next class," Diaz said.

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