Mr. Robert Goetz, assigned to the Product Director, Joint Products (PD JP), PEO Ammo

Mr. Robert Goetz, assigned to the Project Director, Joint Products Program Executive Office Ammunition, is recognized for his successful clean up of complete production orders. Mr. Goetz is a Project Officer for Energetics and Small Practice Bombs.

In January 2012, there were 83 incomplete production orders from FY09 and earlier for Bombs and Navy Gun Ammunition. Mr. Goetz developed processes for tracking these orders and conducted monthly reviews with PD JP, Joint Munitions Command and McAlester Army Ammunition Plant. His team analyzed causes for delinquency and obtained commitments for corrective actions.

By the end of FY12, 69 of the 83 work orders had been completed through diligent and determined efforts of Rob and his team, resulting in products delivered to the Warfighter and reduced administrative efforts to track these orders. Mr. Goetz and his team continue to work on closing out the remaining 14 work orders in FY13.

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