Family member Katy Allen was crowned Vicenza's Biggest Winner after losing 21 pounds and 5.7 percent body fat during the 12-week program.

VICENZA, Italy- Nineteen strong participants of Vicenza's Biggest Winner stuck it out for the full length of the 12-week program and all came out as winners. Participants had weigh-ins, body fat percentage testing, fitness challenges and wellness education classes to help keep them on track for the competition. Each participant was assigned a "buddy" to workout with and to have someone to share their progressive fitness journeys.

The top competitors all agreed that the major factor in their success was to keep a food journal of any type. Winners were determined by fat percentage lost over time.

First place winner, Katy Allen lost a total of 5.7 percent body fat and 21 pounds. She received a fitness prize package worth $1,750 which included 40 hours of personal training. Allen described her experience as a very positive one.

"The Biggest Winner competition was such a great opportunity for me. It was exactly what I needed to get going and was the catalyst I needed to help me on my way to weight loss and healthier habits."

Allen said she established several habits during the three months. Now, she is eating healthier and has an occasional "splurge" for fun, but not as part of her daily routine.

"I am exercising regularly, at least three to four times a week, which was easier to do with the buddy partner system that I had during the challenge.

"I had a great partner, Beth Carder, and we helped keep each other stay accountable. Accountability was a large part of the challenge for me."

Allen said knowing that she had others working towards similar goals, made it easier to make good choices that have now become a lifestyle for her.

"I knew how to eat right and exercise, but the Biggest Winner gave me a clear direction and benchmarks, with the weigh-ins and fitness workouts, all included in the nominal entry fee.
"I got so much out of The Biggest Winner, and am grateful to all the winners that participated alongside with me. The leaders of the event were so encouraging to all of us, but were not pushovers. The workouts were demanding and allowed me to push myself more as the challenge progressed."

Participants lost a total of 422 pounds with 16 people losing 10 or more pounds.

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