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Gabrielle Kelly, left, Human Resources Division Management Support Specialist Trainee in the Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center’s Student Career Experience Program and Linda Brown, right, Chief of the AMRDEC’s Human Resources Division, assist Jeffrey Shepherd, a member of the Engineering Directorate’s Industrial Operations Division, review over 100 resumes submitted from local and regional high school and college students applying for positions in the AMRDEC’s Summer Hire Program.

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. - In 2005, Gabrielle Kelly was looking for work through the Alabama's Career Center System, State Employment Service and as a result of her dedication, professional work ethic, and spirit she has discovered a new career field, refocused her sights on the future, and helped many of her fellow students along their own career path.

Almost three years ago and fresh out of J.O. Johnson High School, Kelly was eager to find employment but not really looking for a career. However, her situation changed soon after being hired by the Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center.

"I began working at Redstone Arsenal in the summer of 2005 before I began my freshman year in college. I was hired under the Summer Hire Program working as a Clerk at the Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center, in the Human Resources Division," said Kelly.

Hired to perform clerical and other duties, Kelly proved herself more than worthy and capable of taking on increased responsibilities and continued employment with the AMRDEC.

"I performed general clerical duties such as copy production, typing documents, filing, and maintaining the supply inventory for the office. Towards the end of the summer, I was offered the opportunity to continue working during school.

"Since my school schedule conflicted with my work hours, I was unable to work the first semester of school, but the offer was still available for me.

"Starting the second semester of my freshman year, I had the opportunity to come back to work for AMRDEC," said Kelly.

Linda Brown, Chief of the AMRDEC's Human Resources Division, is quite impressed with Kelly's work ethic and wants her to continue working at the AMRDEC but she also reinforces that education should be Kelly's number one priority right now.

"My supervisor, Linda Brown, rewarded me with the offer to continue to work while in school as long as I kept my grades up and continue to do well in school. She always stressed that 'school comes first,'" said Kelly.

Kelly's experiences at AMRDEC have had a dramatic effect on her recent career choice and education decisions.

"I was working in a comfortable environment that I adapted to and a place that I have grown to know and to love. I was learning new and interesting things and becoming knowledgeable of the business world.

"After working a year at AMRDEC, I decided to change my major from Elementary Education and am now a junior majoring in Business Administration," said Kelly.

Kelly's decision to change her major has opened a door to a future with AMRDEC.

"Once I learned that Gabrielle changed her major from Elementary Education to Business I offered her a position in the Student Career Experience Program.

"This program is beneficial to both the student and the employer, in that, the student gains valuable work experience and may be eligible for tuition assistance and other benefits. The employer provides training and on-the-job work experience. Once the student graduates, they may be eligible for conversion to an intern position," said Brown.

Accepting Brown's offer to take part in the Student Career Experience Program would be challenging and Kelly was eager to accept the challenge and take on the new responsibilities.

"As time progressed, I was offered a position in the Student Career Experience Program, otherwise know as Co-Op, which requires more responsibilities and more work duties. My supervisor informed me of the responsibilities of my Co-Op position and what is expected of me to keep this position.

"I took the offer and became a Co-Op student starting in the fall of my junior year. I now hold the position of a Management Support Specialist Trainee.

"My responsibilities in this position include various tasks relating to the Human Resource Division. I am primarily responsible for the review and processing of all monetary awards that are given within the AMRDEC. This Center has approximately 3,000 plus employees. On a daily basis, I am reviewing awards for correctness, logging them into our internal system, and assuring the appropriate signature authority is in place. After ensuring the awards are complete and accurate, I then send them to the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center for processing," said Kelly.

One of Kelly's new responsibilities is in the Science and Engineering Apprentice Program.

"In the summer of 2007, I was the point of contact for the Science and Engineering Apprentice Program. I was responsible for communicating with our Outreach Contractors to schedule workshops and tours for the students," said Kelly.

Not only is Kelly doing well in her new position she is also helping other student employees and serving as a role model and mentor.

"Gabrielle has progressed from just performing clerical duties to serving as the Aviation and Missile, Research, Development and Engineering Center's point of contact for the Science and Engineering Apprentice Program where she served as a valuable role model," said Brown

While helping her fellow AMRDEC employees Kelly has learned a great deal about herself and what she wants to do with her future.

"This job has taught me that with a lot of hard work and dedication, it can bring promising rewards.

"After graduation, in May 2009, I will obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, and become a full-time employee of AMRDEC, Human Resource Division. I will begin my career with the government and continue to set higher goals to climb the corporate ladder.

"Embarking on this great opportunity, I have matured as an adult, became more familiar in the field of Business, and how to adapt to its many functions. Being an employee for AMRDEC has been a rewarding experience that will continue to help me in my future career endeavors," said Kelly.

Kelly's duty performance has earned her high marks and the potential for continued employment in the AMRDEC Human Resources Division.

"Gabrielle is reliable and dependable and displays a high degree of self-discipline as reflected in her reporting to work on time and getting the job done. She is an asset to this organization.

"Upon graduation, Gabrielle will be placed on a formal training plan and she will rotate through the Division to work with other Specialists to learn all aspects of the Human Resources Division's roles and responsibilities," said Brown.

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