DETROIT ARSENAL, WARREN, MI Ac"a,! Two U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center-led projects , the Humvee Egress Assistance Trainer and the Improvised Explosive Device Mine Roller Self Protective Adaptive Roller Kit, were chosen to be included in the top ten 2007 Army Greatest Inventions the U.S. Army Materiel Command announced. Soldier teams from the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command and U.S. Army divisions throughout the Army evaluated the nominations and cast their votes.

"I applaud the efforts of this program that recognizes the many individuals whose efforts have directly impacted our Soldiers in the field," remarked Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Richard A. Cody. "The inventions submitted demonstrate the vast experience within our Army, to include the laboratory community and its commitment to improving the readiness of our Army."

In response to an Operational Needs Statement from the U.S. Army Forces Command, Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Implementation, with assistance from TARDEC and manufacturing capability at Red River Army Depot, rapidly developed and tested the Humvee HEAT. HEAT trains Soldiers how to react in a vehicle rollover situation and helps save Soldiers' lives.

Prior to the HEAT's invention, Soldiers were not trained how to properly exit a vehicle that had rolled on its side or top because of an incident. Soldiers, including the gunner, can now be appropriately trained on how to open their safety restraints and exit the vehicle through either the doors or the gunner's hatch in a variety of rotated positions.

The TARDEC HEAT has become the U.S. Army standard for egress training and has been made part of required training for all Soldiers. In addition, it is required training for all Department of Defense civilian employees and contractors who go on certain missions outside the Continental United States.

The SPARK provides additional protection to vehicles and crews against pressure-activated or victim-operated improvised explosive devices. The rollers, which are installed on the front and rear of vehicles, apply variable amounts of downward pressure to adapt to a possibly emerging threat. By rolling over and activating a VOIED's pressure switch while it is still in front of a vehicle, the device often detonates in front of the vehicle instead of underneath it, greatly reducing the risk of injury to the crew and battle damage to a vehicle.

TARDEC teamed with Product Manager (PM) IED Defeat/Protect Force, part of PM Close Combat Systems, to present a commercial-off-the-shelf solution to the Joint IED Defeat Office in response to a Joint Urgent ONS for the SPARK mine rollers.

"I am proud of both TARDEC teams for their innovation and their collaborative efforts with other Army organizations on the HEAT and SPARK," stated TARDEC Director Dr. Grace M. Bochenek. "These two inventions bring real protection and capability to our Soldiers and are indicative of the systems engineering integration our associates have developed for all DOD ground combat weapons and vehicle systems we support."

AMC Commanding General Gen. Benjamin S. Griffin will host an Awards Ceremony for the 2007 Army Greatest Invention winners June 12, 2008, in Arlington, VA.

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