North Carolina governors visit Fort Bragg
North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue enjoys a photo of airborne Soldiers from World War II as Governor-elect Patrick McCrory signs a guest book at the XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg headquarters building Dec. 14. Perdue and McCrory stopped at Fort Bragg as part of a tour of the North Carolina-based military institutions and were briefed on the positive impact that Fort Bragg has on the state and the ways in which Fort Bragg and the state can partner to improve training, deployment and quality of life for service members and their Families.

FORT BRAGG, N.C. - North Carolina outgoing Governor Bev Perdue and Governor-elect Pat McCrory visited Fort Bragg Friday on their first stop of a whirlwind tour of military installations in North Carolina to meet and greet posts leaders.

"North Carolina's military presence is critically important not just to the general welfare and the economy of this state, but to global security," said Perdue. "As I leave office and a new governor takes office, I believe it's really important for the current and the future administration to understand the value and the importance of the military enterprise. That's what (our visit) today all about."

While serving as lieutenant governor and as governor, Perdue put military bases and the defense industry at the forefront of her administration's agenda. As she closes out this chapter of her life, Perdue said she looks back with great satisfaction at the success she's had working hand-in-hand with those who chose a life in the military.

"The growth of the military community, the work that we've done around education for military Families, the partnership for land use protection and the sustained support of our citizens here (at Fort Bragg) during at least 15 years of constant deployment … These kinds of relationships are what make all of us understand the military doesn't just live behind a gate. They (military) are part and parcel of every community and every Family in North Carolina," said Perdue.

As McCrory moves closer to being sworn in and assuming the duties as governor, he said looks forward to challenges and opportunities of working with the military and continuing the growth Soldiers and their Families bring to North Carolina.

"I see opportunities," said McCrory. "First, we have the immediate challenge for us to keep, sustain and even expand our military presence here in North Carolina, especially with all the political negotiations in (Washington, D.C.)."

"The second is working with infrastructure needs to keep and sustain the presence here in North Carolina and to meet the needs of the military and getting materials and your forces in and out of Fort Bragg. We need to have a great integration with our transportation infrastructure more than anything else," McCrory said.

McCrory said today's meeting helped crystallize the need to continue to support Soldiers and their Families and give them all the tools necessary to remain resilient and successful in their mission of keeping our nation safe.

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