FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- The Fort Jackson Officers' Club is remodeling its courtyard to create a permanent location for future change of command ceremonies.

Samuel Guerry, business manager for the Officers' Club, said work began Monday on the project, which also includes construction of a new pavilion at the site.

"We've always had change of command receptions here following the ceremony, whether the ceremonies were held here, at Darby Field or elsewhere," Guerry said.

Over the last few years, he said the club has seen an increasing number of requests to conduct change of command ceremonies outside of the facility itself.

"We've also had an increasing number of outdoor weddings during spring and summer," he said. "We've been averaging between 14 to 16 outdoor weddings here each year."

He said the facility previously lacked a patio large enough to seat the appropriate number of people for VIP receptions. The club also lacks a dedicated site for flags and colors during change of command ceremonies.

"They've always had to work out some sort of arrangement for territorial and unit flags," he said. "Some have had the wherewithal to purchase flag stands, but some have just had to bring a truckload of weighted stands."

The renovation will install permanent flagpoles for use during change of command ceremonies. It will also include the installation of a pavilion, which will help make the Officers' Club a more attractive location for weddings and formal events. Electrical outlets will be installed, putting and end to the practice of running extension cords into the club to provide power for events.

"We'll have the ability to offer those amenities to folks who want to have outdoor parties," he said. "You could have a combo (band) and dance floor under the pavilion, or easily seat as many as 100 people for an outdoor dinner. It's pretty exciting for us."

The project is expected to be finished by February, he said.

"It will be tastefully done to match the rest of the roofing that's going up at Fort Jackson now," he said, "and will match the Fort Jackson look, so to speak."

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