Col. Dave Hall
In this week's Commander's Corner, USAG-Yongsan Commander Col. Dave Hall talks about the 101 Critical Days of Summer.

<b>YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea</b> - Summer is upon us! Memorial Day Weekend is when the Army begins the "101 Critical Days of Summer." This annual Army safety campaign is successful because it highlights the areas that need concentration.

Summer poses a greater risk to Soldiers and Family Members because school will be out, swimming pools will be open, fellow community members will be out and about enjoying the warm weather. This means more bicycles, pedestrians, motorcyclists and outdoor sporting activities.

In Korea, summer means monsoon season. These seasonal rains cause flooding. In the past, they have cost Soldiers' lives and millions of dollars in damage. Heavy rains can take their toll. We need to remain vigilant and be prepared.

In August, the summer heat will be at full force. Heat exhaustion is just one of the threats. Identify who is at risk, and then mitigate that risk. Stay tuned to AFN-Korea radio and television and visit the <a href="">USAG-Yongsan Web site</a> to stay informed about critical weather alerts and heat index information.

I would also like to remind you of the garrison policy on community safety. Policy Letter 10-1 requires that everyone on post wear the proper personal protective equipment when participating in jogging, bicycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, skating or when operating a motorcycle or moped. A reflective vest is required. Headphones can only be worn when jogging on a track or using a treadmill.

Motorcyclists and moped operators/riders face additional safety requirements with helmets, eye protection and wardrobe.

Please take a moment to review <a href=Aca,!A?,!A?>USAG-Yongsan Policy Letter 10-1</a>. If you're a leader, visit the <a href="">Army Safety Center</a> and review how you can prepare your people for a safe summer.

To make this another safe summer in the garrison, let's review. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the Army will focus on educating and informing our communities on many key topics:

Motorcycle Safety Awareness
Driving Under the Influence/Fatigue
Yard Work Safety
Fireworks Safety Tips
Grilling and Food Preparation
Vacation Safety
Heat Injury Prevention
Driving Safety
Sun Exposure
Adverse Weather

We hope you enjoy the community activities we have planned for Memorial Day Weekend. It may be a well-deserved day off for us, but the Army's theme for this summer safety campaign is: "<b>Never Give Safety a Day Off</b>." Make sound judgments while on and off duty. Remember, we need to sustain the force and remain Army Strong!

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