Task Force 62nd Medical Brigade's 547th Medical Company is ready for any emergency 24 hours-a-day on Camp Victory.
Medics work the night shift to ensure the readiness of the Golby Troop Medical Clinic and make sure they're ready to provide a high level of care for Soldiers.
"Our job is to provide routine treatment and sick call to all personnel stationed on Camp Victory," said Sgt. Stephen Petersen, healthcare specialist, 547th Medical Company.
"We have to be able to respond to any emergency," said Spc. Brian M. Mostrom, healthcare specialist, 547th Medical Company. "We also prepare the clinic for the day shift."
The night shift is always fully staffed and prepared to call in the rest of the clinic if necessary.
"If we send out a two-man ambulance crew, there are still people here to prepare the clinic to receive the patient," said Mostrom. "We call our providers by radio as well as laboratory, pharmacy, and X-ray technicians if there is an emergency.
During an indirect fire attack, the Soldiers hurry to the clinic to respond as soon as possible.
"We respond to indirect fire once we have 100 percent accountability (of our personnel) and get our ambulances up and running," Mostrom said. "(If there are causalities), we plot where the ambulances need to go and how many people we need to send."
No matter how small the task, the Soldiers of the Golby Troop Medical Clinic night shift are ready to help. To them it doesn't matter if they are treating a stomach virus, a heat injury or something worse.
"Like any healthcare job you'll get your share of rough times, but on occasion you get to do something unique," Petersen said.
In case of an emergency on Camp Victory call 822-7777 any time of day. The Golby Troop Medical Clinic is located in the southeast corner of Dodge City North.

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