U.S. Army Garrison - Detroit Arsenal, Mich. -- The Directorate of Public Works continuously strives to make physical improvements to the grounds, buildings and infrastructure at the Detroit Arsenal and did so by awarding $14.9 million in FY12 for 27 construction, restoration and modernization projects.

One of these projects involves renovating portions of the cafeteria in the basement of building 229. The food service area will gain space with the demolition of the 510 conference room and moving Leisure Travel Services to the north end of building 270. This creates a new cold food serving area. Separating the hot and cold serving areas decreases the amount of time patrons spend waiting in line.

Plans also include updating the existing dining area into a dining/conference area with audio-visual capability in order to utilize it as a conference center during non lunch hours.

"We're going to make a world class dining facility. So at the completion of this project not only will we have fast food service, but a place where people would want to eat their food," said Jason Pietrandrea, DPW engineering chief.

Another project entails moving Starbucks forward to the cafeteria entryway to make space for the new Army Career Alumni Program training room and the Army Continuing Education Program offices. The food prep and kitchen area will also receive some attention.

This project also requires renovating existing office areas in building 230 to provide administrative and training areas in support of ACAP requirements. New office suites for the Directorate of Human Resources, Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security, the Equal Employment Opportunity office and the Common Access Card office will occupy this area.
Replacing the failed W2 parking lot pavement east of building 270 is a priority. New asphalt pavement, aggregate base, curbs, catch basins, sewers and parking lot lighting improvements are all planned for 2013. This project also reconfigures the islands at the north end into a single entry way which will improve traffic flow and protect pedestrians.

Another project consolidates duel fire protection and potable water distribution systems into a combined water distribution system. The project involves the replacement of fire protection and potable water piping, valves, fire hydrants, backflow preventers, water meters, and other components of the water distribution system north of Pershing Avenue.

Sustainment projects already completed include replacement of the prairie grass at building 270 with Kentucky blue grass and new landscaping at the Access Control Points. New brick paver walkways were placed where employees had worn paths in the lawn. The new brick paver walkways will not be salted or shoveled during the winter. Employees are encouraged to walk approved routes during the winter months.

"The garrison is always looking forward," said Alan Parks, garrison manager. "We are committed to improving our facilities and the quality of life for our employees."

For additional information contact Jason Pietrandrea at 586-282-9271

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