Army satellite
A U.S. Army photo of one of the satellites manned by Bravo Company, 53rd Space Battalion.

FORT MEADE, Md. -- Throughout Hurricane Sandy's devastation along the East Coast Oct. 29-30, businesses, schools and the federal government closed, but Bravo Company, 53rd Signal Battalion (Satellite Control) continued providing and maintaining communications to support the executive branch and the Warfighter overseas.

The storm, nicknamed "Frankenstorm" in honor of the imminent Halloween holiday, collided with two other systems -- a cold front and winter storm from the Northwest and a high pressure system from Greenland. It produced strong winds, large amounts of rain, and storm surges that left more than 2.1 million people without power, many for weeks, and extensive flooding in business and residential areas.

Through all of this, Bravo Company's Soldiers continued to carry out the battalion's and the Army's mission. On Monday, Sgt. Christopher Lingle, Sgt. Justin Evan, Spc. James Cole, Spc. James Wingate, Spc. Chad Kolod, Spc. Jason Banas, Spc. Bennet Elder and Pfc. Tricia Snider kept communication lines open. Monday evening through Tuesday morning was manned by Sgt. Benjamin Mages, Sgt. Christina Podskalan, Spc. Luke Turner, Spc. James Messner, Spc. Jennifer Weiss and Pfc. Ethan Wilkinson.

"These Soldiers of Bravo Company, 53rd Signal Battalion are the 'unsung heroes' ensuring that those across the world have reliable communications and are able to conduct their mission," said Capt. Matthew Mills, Bravo Company commander. "There are no weekends, holidays, or days off when it comes to Bravo's mission, and we will continue to conduct our mission through rain, snow, or even a hurricane."

The Soldiers from Bravo Company are different from other Soldiers by their vast knowledge and understanding of satellite communications. They represent only a fraction of the Army's Signal Corps.

"Our Soldiers' ability to 'Control the High Ground' under these circumstances showcases their competence, professionalism, and dedication to our mission," said 1st Sgt. E. Mitchell, Bravo Company first sergeant.

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